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Götzner Felder, 6091  Götzens

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open year-round.

Field Chapel in Götzens
The Field Chapel is set amongst fields in the village of Götzens, in a completely unspoilt natural environment by a fork in the path. The chapel is a special highlight in the cultural landscape of Götzens. According to official documents, the open, windowless brick-built chapel, which has a steep shingle-covered gable roof, an orb and cross, a weather vane, a three-sided apse and a wide arched opening, was constructed in 1675. Although the chapel contains a number of typical architectural features of the 17th century, the fresco of the Annunciation of Our Lady on the gable above the entrance is believed to have been painted later in 1828. The chapel interior contains a small early Baroque altar with a painting of the Nursing Madonna by Walter Szusitsch. In front of the chapel stands a freestanding wayside cross framed by two birch trees and with a bench in front of it. The chapel is therefore the perfect place to sit down and have a rest when walking through the fields of Götzens.

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