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Frühmesser House

Prof.-Andreas-Einberger-Straße 17, 6410  Telfs

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This small "Mittelflurhaus", a house with a central hallway, is a true gem of the cultural history of the town of Telfs and a wonderful example of the rural Tyrolean architecture of earlier centuries. A four-sided corner bay window on the top floor, an open gable featuring "Bundwerk" carpentry and decorative frescoes give the building its historic charm. The murals on the gable side of the house feature works by Josef Schöpf depicting Saint Peter as the Pope, John of Nepomuk under a canopy and, on the west side, the "Annunciation of Our Lady". The house was once home to the "Frühmesser", an old priest who was responsible for holding early mass. It was also used as a school building from time to time.

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