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Innbrücke Innsbruck
Innbrücke, 6020  Innsbruck

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The "Innbrücke" bridge connects Innsbruck's old town with the St. Nikolaus/Mariahilf district, where, among other things, the Waltherpark and the famous colourful row of houses are located. A bridge was first built in this area in the 12th century, which not only gave the Tyrolean capital its name, but was also the only bridge over the Inn in the Innsbruck area for a long time. The city took advantage of this by collecting tolls from those traders who had to cross the river at this point.

Today's bridge was built in the 1980s and was completely renovated in 2021/2022. On the west side is a crucifix about four metres high, designed by the Tyrolean sculptor Rudi Wach and installed in 2007 - after controversy due to the naked depiction of Christ.

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