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Mill Hinterloch

Hinterlocher Mühle
Oberellbögen 1, 6083  Ellbögen
+43 512 / 37 60 77
+43 664 / 22 09 737

Opening Hours

From end of July until beginning of September every Friday from 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm open for grinding demonstrations.

Mill Hinterloch
The year 1738 is carved into the cog wheel of the Hinterlocher Mill in Ellbögen, a date that most probably indicates when the wheel underwent restoration. Owing to the fact that the mill was in operation until 1951 and the cog wheel was fully functional up until that point, it is possible that the mill is, in fact, around 200 years older than the date inscribed on the wood.

The Hinterlocher Mill is owned by a group of eleven farms (Schneider, Truieler, Fuchs, Adamer, Kastner, Schrötner, Lener, Hinterlarcher, Singer, Käfer and Walzer), the proprietors of which, at regular intervals, elect a “Lord of the Mill” whose responsibility it is to ensure that the milling process is correctly carried out and to keep the mill in good working order.

A walk to Innerellbögen, where you can see the mill at the Falkasanerbach stream, and back via Oberellbögen is particularly pleasant (approx. 30 minutes).

Every Friday from 2.00 pm till 6.00 pm milling demonstrations are held there from July until the mid September, and the farmers’ wives serve up home-made specialities in the mill’s little restaurant.

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