Unwind between mountains and valleys

Wellness in the mountains is more than just saunashot tubs and massages. We take well-being to the next level: it’s not just your body that benefits here, your soul gets a holiday too. Relax in green places of power, listen to the sound of gushing alpine streams and dive into cool waters. On this page, you’ll find our ultimate tips for relaxation and rejuvenation in the Innsbruck region. 

Soothing oases await you in summer and winter alike. During the warmer seasons these are often both inside and outside. In winter, we prefer steaming saunas and wonderfully warm spa paradises. When you add a pampering treatment, your visit even becomes a fountain of youth for body and soul. Here you can find the perfect place to relax in every season. 

Take a deep breath

Discover our places of power for ultimate rejuvenation. We’ll show you where you can find the best and most beautiful places to rest, take a deep breath and simply unwind, from gardens and parks in the city to high alpine natural oases and places of heavenly peace in forests and churches. 


Experience complete well-being! Visit the region’s most beautiful sauna facilities with settings ranging from Art Nouveau to modern minimalist chic. Be completely pampered and enjoy a health boost at the Lanser Hof with its idyllic landscape and expert guidance. Or test the waters in cool lakes and relax amidst beautiful landscapes. These are just a few examples, keep reading to discover more about where well-being awaits. 

Refreshing water

In Innsbruck, we are blessed with an abundance of the purest water. It spends years passing through the cool rock of the surrounding mountains before flowing clean and clear into the city’s water supply. The quality of the water is absolutely exceptional – you don't need to buy mineral water here. Read more about our magnificent water and enjoy it fresh off the mountain directly from a tap, a nearby fountain or to quench your thirst while hiking. 

Swim, play and cool off

A hot tip for even hotter days: the swimming lakes and ponds in and around Innsbruck. As temperatures rise, it feels absolutely wonderful to take a jump into cool water. If you only want to dip your feet in, there are also plenty of bubbling alpine streams and Kneipp facilities in the local area.


Swimming lakes and open-air pools for cooling off on hot days. Located directly in Innsbruck and many other places throughout of the region.


The indoor swimming pools in and around Innsbruck are ideal when it gets colder or for rainy days. Here you will find details about the region’s various pools.


Cold water makes you feel refreshed and energised. Try it! Here are our Kneipp facilities.

Yoga in the region

Experience harmony between body and mind: during a yoga class in the Innsbruck region. Whether on the mountain, in the park or at the various yoga studios – there are plenty of options to choose from. 

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