Accessibility tips for buses and trams

Take advantage of the public transportation facilities in Innsbruck. People with disabilities and parents with pushchairs are in good hands on the public transport routes operated by the IVB (city transport) and the VVT (regional transport). On this page, we'll provide details of the various facilities available for better orientation and when entering and exiting the vehicles. There are several options available that make the use of buses and trams easier. 

Designated areas for wheelchairs and pushchairs

The IVB transports wheelchairs and pushchairs on all lines at no extra charge. Please use the designated area with handrails and fastening straps in the middle part of the vehicle.

Door buttons outside

The doors of the vehicle can be conveniently opened from the outside at the touch of a button.

Grooved guide strips

People with visual impairments will find grooved guide strips at most stops, which are easy to feel with a cane.

Door signals

The closing of the door is signalled by a beep and flashing green lights.

Two different stop buttons

The red door button signals to the driver that you want to get off and provides optical and acoustic confirmation of this request. People with limited mobility and pushchairs can use the blue door button, which keeps the doors open for longer when exiting the vehicle.

Wheelchair ramps

IVB buses lower sideways at bus stops. Both buses and trams have folding ramps for wheelchair users.

Priority seating

Symbols are used to mark the priority seats for people with disabilities.

Acoustic smart info

People with visual impairments can have the text displayed on the smart info read aloud at the touch of a button.

Images and texts courtesy of the IVB.

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