27 April 2023
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Although I am not a shopaholic, there is something about shopping malls that magically attracts me: I love strolling through the colorful aisles and being enchanted by the many stores, cafes and restaurants. No matter if it's storming, snowing, raining or the sun is blazing outside, a shopping center always offers a welcome change. Whether you prefer to retreat to a café and watch the hustle and bustle in peace and quiet, or just the sight of a store gets your pulse racing: In and around Innsbruck, there is a department store to suit every taste. In this blog post I'll take you on a little shopping tour, so grab your shopping bags and let's go!

A piece of history: the Kaufhaus Tyrol

The Kaufhaus Tyrol department store has a special meaning for me, as I worked there for several years. But before I tell you what you can find in this department store and what awards it has already received, I would like to take you on a little journey through time.

In March 1908, the Bauer and Schwarz families opened the first large department store in Innsbruck, revolutionizing the retail trade. The reinforced concrete building was equipped with modern technology such as central heating, elevators and an 18-meter high mall with a glass roof - this was groundbreaking for the time. After "forced aryanization" and destruction during World War II, the building was rebuilt between 1945 and 1954 and renamed „Kaufhaus Tyrol“ in 1966. Although the central location was an advantage, the Kaufhaus Tyrol could not keep up with the times. It became clear that more than just a good location was needed to exist. I still vaguely remember the old department store - it had absolutely nothing in common with today's Kaufhaus Tyrol.

Architectural masterpiece

In 2004, the Kaufhaus Tyrol was acquired by investor René Benko's SIGNA Holding and reopened in 2010. Star architect David Chipperfield, in collaboration with Dieter Mathoi Architekten, gave the department store a new lease of life and turned it into an award-winning project award-winning project. In 2011, Kaufhaus Tyrol was named the most beautiful and best shopping center in Europe. in 2012, it received the State Prize for Architecture. The reasoning behind the award was "calm and controlled on the outside, moving and theatrical on the inside". In the same year, Kaufhaus Tyrol also took second place in the Prime Property Awards.

As great and beautiful as the architecture of the department store is, as enchanting are the stores inside. Over 50 stores with more than 1,000 brands make Kaufhaus Tyrol the exclusive address for all shopaholics in Innsbruck and throughout Tyrol. The noble atmosphere, reminiscent of the grand arcades of the 19th century, invites you to stroll and wander - just the thing for anyone who wants to shop in style.


The Rathausgalerien are located in the center of Innsbruck and offer an elegant ambience for those who like things to be more manageable and intimate. Here you will find a selection of stores that offer something to suit every budget - from Vero Moda to Mango to Liebeskind. You can shop in style at Rathausgalerien. On the other hand, if you're looking for decorations for your home, you're sure to find what you're looking for at Butlers or Müller.

If, like me, you prefer eating to shopping or get hungry from shopping, Rathausgalerien is also the right place to go. Especially recommendable is the Thai-Li-Ba for those who like Asian cuisine. If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of Innsbruck, you should visit the 360° or the Lichtblick visit. All in all, it is definitely worth paying a visit to Rathausgalerien.

DEZ: here you will find

The DEZ in Innsbruck's Amras district is a true shopping center veteran and has developed into a top modern retail location since its opening in 1970. With a sales area of 32,325 square meters, 146 stores and 7.5 million visitors a year, it is one of the best in the West. To provide parents with a relaxed shopping experience, there is a 160-square-meter Kinderland, where the little ones are well looked after. The DEZ provides jobs for more than 1,500 employees. In addition to large stores such as Ikea, C&A, MPREIS, Hofer, H&M or Interspar, there are also many smaller ones in the DEZ area. Particularly positive are the 70 regional tenants: More than half of the stores in the DEZ are run by Tyrolean entrepreneurs.

Burgers, beer and shopping

Why do I like the DEZ? No matter what you need, you can find it at DEZ. It's especially handy for Christmas shopping, for example: with just one purchase, you'll probably find the right gift for every member of the family. After that, you can easily do your weekly grocery shopping and/or buy a new shelf at Ikea. To top it off, treat yourself to a snack in one of the many restaurants.

If I may give you a tip: Look in the Coffeebar Innsbruck. I rarely eat meat, but when I do, it's preferably in the form of a really, really good burger, accompanied by a beer (non-alcoholic, of course, if you're there by car), and the shopping day ends perfectly.

The Sillpark: the largest shopping center in downtown Innsbruck

The Sillpark is the largest shopping center in downtown Innsbruck and offers a variety of stores, restaurants and service providers for every taste and need. There is a balanced mix of major brands such as Peek & Cloppenburg, Primark, H&M and Interspar as well as local vendors. Since its opening in 1990, it has also repeatedly served as a venue for festivals and events. A special highlight is the annual Ice skating rink in winter.

The Sillpark is not just a shopping center, but a meeting place for all age groups, locals and tourists alike. This is also due to the good public transport connections and the more than 700 underground parking spaces and bicycle stands. "As a local supplier, we offer our visitors much more than just a shopping experience. We want to be a place where everyone can find something and be invited to linger. In addition to shopping, we attach great importance to offering our customers additional services," says center manager Markus Siedl, describing the center's basic social concept.

Cyta: Shopping in Völs

The Cyta was opened in Völs back in 1993 and has since developed into a major shopping destination with a sales area of 56,000 square meters and 103 stores, including 14 cafés and restaurants. Every day, the Cyta registers 15,000 visitors, while over 1,000 people work here. With 2,000 free parking spaces, there is enough room for every car, but the Cyta is also easily accessible by public transport - whether by bus or train.

Seven days of shopping pleasure

In the shopping world of Cyta you can find everything you are looking for. There is a possibility of shopping seven days a week, even on Sunday. The Cyta-Flea market offers customers an attractive seven-day shopping opportunity. For almost 20 years, it has been held on Sundays on the open-air grounds of Cyta. There, professional dealers and hobby junkers offer everything your heart desires - from odds and ends to antique individual or collector's items. Over the years, the flea market has earned a good reputation that extends far beyond the borders of Völs and Innsbruck. So a Sunday trip to the Cyta-flea market is definitely worthwhile. My family and I enjoy it especially in spring and fall. We travel comfortably by train, have breakfast at the Ruetz bakery on the Cyta-site and then stroll through the market - it's the perfect way to start the Sunday.


I still remember my secondary school days in Telfsespecially of the lunch breaks that we often spent at the Inntalcenter spent in the cafeteria. But the Inntalcenter of those days has changed a lot in the course of the last few years. Today it is a modern shopping center with 36 stores and four restaurants and has nothing to do with the shopping center from my school days. The latest renovation and conversion work has made the Inntalcenter even more attractive and expanded the range on offer. Here you can not only shop, but also meet and spend time together. If, like me, you are a Frahling lover, I would like to recommend the Segafredo to the heart. Here you get coffee that is in no way inferior to an Italian cappuccino. So the Inntalcenter is definitely worth a visit, whether for shopping or just enjoying a cup of coffee. Here you can find everything your heart desires in a pleasant and modern atmosphere.

Shopping Night

Music and shopping - that sounds like a perfect evening, doesn't it? So mark May 5 thickly in your calendars, because that's when Innsbruck's old town and city center, as well as the city's major shopping malls - DEZ, Sillpark, Kaufhaus Tyrol and Rathausgalerien - will be hosting Innsbruck LIVE – Shopping Night will take place. Local artists will create a great atmosphere, while retailers will be open until 10 p.m. and will be offering great promotions. Culinary delights will be served in the numerous restaurants and guest gardens. So the evening can end with a glass or two.


Innsbruck Live - Shopping Night
When: May 5, 2023, 5pm-2pm
Where: Innsbruck, city center
Participating stores: here
All info at a glance: here

All department stores at a glance:

Kaufhaus Tyrol

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