Manu blickt aus dem Fenster
21 May 2023
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In Innsbruck „schifft’s“. That's what they say here when it really rains. It's one of those spring days when autumn once again flexes its muscles and only the very wild like to venture outside. We meet the exceptional Innsbruck musician Manu Delago in the run-up to his second ReCycling Tour. He comes in spite of all weather with the wheel - he is one of these completely wild ones - and wants to contest starting from June even an international concert tour in the saddle. At Marktbar, the drops are drumming on the window, Manu is drinking tea and has a pretty wild plan: just save the world. He told us in an interview how and when he's going to do it.

Hello, Manu! We meet you here shortly before your second ReCycling Tour - a concert tour completely by bicycle. Why do you do that exactly - and above all again?
Manu Delago: "Well, the topic of sustainability only works as a lasting effect. So the tour concept was planned by us accordingly for the long term, we made investments, bought expensive equipment and batteries - it only makes sense to use the things then! (laughs) We actually use the same equipment as on the first ReCycling Tour through Austria, that was already a really big adventure. Now, on our second tour, we're going bigger internationally and also venturing into completely new frontiers with three countries."

1.500 kilometers from Innsbruck to Amsterdam, back by night train - this time ReCycling Tour 2.0 is even a small European tour. Has your message also become bigger?
"On our first tour, with 150 to 200 kilometers a day, we already reached our performance limits, even the way back was by bike, and we also posted content on social media every day - unfortunately, that doesn't leave many rest periods. This time we have planned something different, can put all our energy until we reach the world cycling capital Amsterdam, and take back simply the night train. The first ReCycling-Tour was also a bit of a test drive, it's very different from the tour bus. (laughs) But this time, instead of going beyond our own limits, we'd rather carry our message across the borders."

You keep a meticulous travel diary online and on social media - and share detailed tracking data as well as useful sustainability tips. Can we still manage the climate crisis in this way?
"The tour itself is of course only a small contribution. But what we urgently need are role models and benchmarks in the climate crisis, so that a rethink takes place. The first tour has already inspired many people, vegetarian/vegan nutrition is also a topic where you can think and start yourself. Certainly, much larger measures are needed, sustainability has to be planned in the long term in many areas - in others you can act immediately. As a musician, I travel a lot, but I deliberately don't own a car. You can actually get everywhere very easily by bike and public transport. And otherwise, you form carpools or sometimes transport your equipment by cab."

On June 1, the tour starts at 11 a.m. here at the marketplace and in the evening with a concert kick-off at Treibhaus in Innsbruck, and just under a month and a good dozen concerts later you'll be playing in Amsterdam. Your new single "From the Alps to the North Sea" makes you a bit curious - what else can we expect musically on the tour?
"The single was written especially for the tour and should also connect the three tour countries musically: The first verse plays in Austria, the second in Germany and the last then in the Netherlands. Musically we will play a best-of of the last 15 years on the tour, but due to the new line-up there are also a few new arrangements. The handpan, the trombone, the vocals - out of six people, three play on stage and three in 'musical supporting roles', so there's always something a little new in the process."

For all those who stay at home in Innsbruck: Where are your power spots in the city, and how can you perhaps support ReCycling Tour from home as well?
"I don't actually like sitting that much. (laughs) But maybe you can say 'everything north of Innsbruck'? Everywhere where it's steep, I prefer to be always on the move!

And regarding support: definitely come to the launch event on June 1 at 11am here at the marketplace and in the evening to the concert kick-off at Treibhaus! There will be a few songs, some regional food and maybe a donation box for good causes. Also, please share our stories on social media, mobilize all your friends and acquaintances, get motivated for the good cause and be an inspiration for others to become sustainably active yourself! In the end, saving the world can only be done together

Thank you, Manu! For your ReCycling Tour only sunshine and all the best - and come back healthy!

All photos: © Christian Weittenhiller

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