12 November 2020
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"Hi Lea, would you maybe like to guide us through Innsbruck on one or two shooting days to culinary specialties, highlights?" Would I like to show a German star chef my favorite city and talk about food for days? You bet!

The request from the production company that produces a travel and cooking show with chef Björn Freitag for WDR came somewhat surprisingly by e-mail last summer. After the first phone call it was quickly clear: This is going to be really good! The locations had already been chosen and I can always think of something to say about Innsbruck.

But in the end it turned out to be a bit more difficult than expected. On the first day of shooting we had continuous rain, construction site noise and barriers in the old town, which nobody really expected. I don't know how many times I told the camera how unique the view of the mountains is - even if they are unfortunately not visible at the moment. All the more the anticipation for the finished film is growing now!


We started in the old town with the Goldenes Dachl and a short trip to the city tower. The tower in the middle of Innsbruck's old town is always a good escape point to be above the action and to see the magnificent Golden Roof from above. My tip: The entrance fee is Innsbruck Card included! It is especially beautiful up here in late summer towards evening, when the sun has almost disappeared behind the mountains.

After it became uncomfortable outside, we simply crawled inside. For a cappuccino with Almut in the oldest cafe of the city, the Café Munding. And also at the Wilderin in the old town was busy cooking, tasting and shooting. My tip: The Wilderin organizes ingenious challenges from time to time, where all participants receive a bag of regional ingredients. Follow the restaurant on Facebook to stay informed!

In the afternoon we take the Hungerburgbahn and the Nordkettenbahn to the Seegrube - unfortunately we end up there in a thick cloud after the kitchen closes. The promised view announces itself, but time is short. So we jet back to the city, luckily it's not far. My tip: A trip to the Nordkette is a MUST DO for every visit to Innsbruck. You can combine the ride well with a short hike on the Perspektivenweg or the hike to the summit cross on the Hafelekar.


I like to work from home and not in a coffee shop. So coffee shops in Innsbruck really only see me for coffee - and maybe for a cake or two. The Haepinest offers both very lovingly and to the highest standard. Coffee for laymen and experts - cake for everyone. Even if you have to leave the old town for a few minutes - the detour pays off and is an absolute recommendation for foodies in Innsbruck! My tip: The beautiful ceramic cups are made by an Innsbruck artist and are also for sale in the café! Oh yes and the raspberry brownies duel with the carrot cake, best to order and taste both.


Off to the Umbrüggler Alm - finally we have arrived in my element: nature. The alp near the city is only a 30 to 45 minute walk away, but due to the lack of time and equipment, we exceptionally drive up to the alp for the shoot. We walk the last few meters - and then a wonderful table with delicacies is waiting for us: Big Bone ribs, fresh vegetables, Kaspressknödel with salad, bread soup (great recommendation!) and finally a pyre. Good thing it's all downhill after closing for the day. My tip: The Kaspressknödel on the Umbrüggler Alm are green. No kidding! Parsley is added to the dough here. I wonder if that's why they taste so good


Of course the Feeding cutter when it comes to good cuisine and Innsbruck. Björn lends a hand in the kitchen and talks shop with Georg about the best ingredients. The main thing is that the soups are hot - today the weather is bad again and it's pouring with rain. But the Futterkutter community is loyal and picks up their portions at Franziskanerplatz even in wet conditions.

We finish on the highest floor of the town hall galleries - unfortunately it's too crowded for us at 360 degrees. For all those who come to Innsbruck during the day or in warmer weather: Here you can have a wonderful coffee or a glass of wine and enjoy the view.

A few words of farewell and the long third day has come to an end. A toast to that, cheers! What an experience and what a stressful life this film business is.

The result of the shooting days can be seen on Friday, November 13, 2020 on WDR from 18:15 to 18:45 - I'm excited!

Photos © Carsten Frank and Lea Hajner

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