08 August 2020
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The gondola cabins of the Patscherkofel lift are like two peas in a pod. Except for one! Number 42 is the cabin that hungry hikers look at with envy, because only breakfast guests are allowed to sit in it. In addition to the gourmet dinner trips on Thursday evenings, you can also book the gondola for breakfast from Friday to Sunday. I was allowed to try out how this works. Are you coming along? Then go for it!

Lay the table!

8:55 am is the meeting point at the valley station of the cable car, from 9:00 the cable car leaves. The tickets are handed out here and the cable car takes us all the way up to the restaurant “Das Kofel”. It’s still quiet, the covered tables at the glass front in the restaurant also look inviting. We toast with a glass of champagne: to us, the view and everything that will happen in the next few hours.

Cheers! Der Auftakt zum Frühstück findet an der Bergstation statt.

Cheers! The prelude to breakfast takes place at the top station. ©Lea Hajner

Die Mitarbeiter des Restaurants decken den Frühstückstisch.

Restaurant staff set the breakfast table. ©Lea Hajner

Mountain view with changing scenery

Setting the table in the gondola is a well-rehearsed affair for the restaurant staff. They also know exactly what time the gondola will arrive at the mountain station. So the countdown to boarding is on: 4 minutes to go, 2 minutes to go, still… hurry up now! We grab our backpacks and head back to the top station.

The No. 42 arrives and the speed is briefly reduced. In no time at all the table is set, our hot cappuccini is brought from the bar into the gondola and the egg dish we ordered beforehand, or my fried egg, is waiting for us. There one joins nevertheless gladly.

I’m still a little worried about the horn, which can be heard again and again in the last few minutes. I inquire with one of the cable car employees: Yes, one hears that actually only if the Föhnwind becomes straight stronger. Today of all days it blows particularly strongly over the mountain. In the situation nothing new, but whether thereby probably our breakfast is endangered? I clutch my champagne glass, take a deep breath, and then we’re off.

Kaffee & Eier werden frisch aus der Küche in die Gondel gereicht. Foto: ©Lea Hajner

Coffee and eggs are freshly served from the kitchen to the gondola. ©Lea Hajner

Breakfast with a distant view

Despite the wind, it is surprisingly quiet in the gondola. We breathe a sigh of relief. Even the plates, cups and glasses don’t seem to move a bit from their places because of a little bit of hairdryer. The worries were completely in vain, because while it is indeed windy outside, it is calm and windless inside. So the feast can begin – of course only after all the photos are in the box.

By the way, I bet that every guest here takes a few photos! The changing view, the richly set table and the unusual situation just invite you to do so. But the weather is also particularly beautiful today, the Serles shines in all its glory and the city of Innsbruck shines out from behind the smoked salmon. What a sight!

Coffee with a view. Foto: ©Lea Hajner

Coffee with a view. Right: the Serles in the Stubaital. ©Lea Hajner

Frühstücksturm mit Stadtblick. Foto: ©Lea Hajner

Breakfast tower with city view and Nordkette in the background. ©Lea Hajner

For the next round please another egg

The gourmet breakfast consists of a muesli, yogurt, various cheeses (including cheese from the Zillertal), bacon, salami, ham, smoked salmon, butter, Eckerl cheese, jams and Nutella. The hot drinks and egg dishes to go with them are freshly prepared and served in the gondola at the top station. Whenever the gondola passes through, you can also order more. Those who need to visit the toilet in between simply get out and “sit out a round”. As always, the doors open at the stations to let in fresh air – but if it gets too chilly, you can close them manually.

Après-breakfast hike

Because it seems absurd not to do a hike after so many rounds on the cable car, we decide to take the Jochleitensteig. The circular trail leads once around the Patscherkofel and is the ideal alpine digestive walk. But the Zirbenweg, for example, would also be an option!

Am Jochleitensteig rund um den Patscherkofel. Foto: ©Lea Hajner

On the Jochleitensteig trail around the Patscherkofel. ©Lea Hajner

Die Bergstation der Patscherkofelbahn. Foto: ©Lea Hajner

The top station of the Patscherkofel cable car. ©Lea Hajner

Breakfast info and tips:

    • The gondola seats a maximum of 4 people.
    • On cool days, the sun warms up the gondola well – but closed shoes are recommended.
    • The philosophy of the restaurant is: “Portion not managed? – pack it – take it with you – enjoy 2x!!! We don’t like to fill our organic food garbage can with food, so please don’t be afraid to ask our service staff for a wrap for your “second enjoyment”!” (excerpt menu) – a great sustainable action!
    • Due to high demand, the restaurant asks for early booking.
    • Costs: current info on the website
    • Info and reservation at the email address:

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