14 November 2023
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What is Törggelen?

The tradition of Törggelen in Tyrol is a lively and convivial festival that is deeply rooted in the history of this Alpine region. Törggelen, derived from the word „Torggl“ for wine press, is not only a culinary experience, but also a cultural festival that brings the community together.

Törggelen traditionally takes place in the fall, when the leaves turn golden and the air is filled with a hint of coolness. During this time, farms, taverns and inns open their doors to offer locals and visitors alike the delights of this ancient tradition.

Characteristic of a Törggele meal are the delicious aromas of Siaßer or Sußer, the fresh grape must in the first days of fermentation, and Nuier, the young wine. These are accompanied by roasted chestnuts (Keschtn), nuts (Nussn) and the occasional sweet doughnut to tantalize the palate.

The menu at Törggelen tells the stories of the region. In the past, simple, down-to-earth dishes such as speck, homemade smoked sausages and rye bread dominated the table. Today, hearty butcher's platters are served with surfleisch, sauerkraut, various sausages (blood sausage, house sausage) and dumplings, representing the diversity of Tyrolean cuisine.

The roots

The roots of Törggelen go back a long way. Originally, townspeople and innkeepers visited the winegrowers in late fall to taste the new wine in the press house and check its quality. This original tradition has changed over the years, and today Törggelen has also gained in importance for tourists.

The convivial atmosphere, accompanied by traditional music and a touch of campfire romance, makes Törggelen an experience for all the senses. The shared enjoyment of eating, drinking and celebrating strengthens community ties and makes Törggelen an unforgettable part of Tyrolean culture. In this day and age, when people are often absorbed by the hectic pace of everyday life, Törggelen offers a welcome opportunity to pause, honor tradition and celebrate the values of community.

As early as 1428, a Terlano document refers to „torkcheller“ (Torggeler), which denotes wine that is still incompletely fermented. A historical reference that underlines the long tradition of Törggelen.

The words of the traveler Ludwig Steub from 1846 bear witness to the timeless significance of Törggelen. His book „Drei Sommer in Tirol“ describes the experience of tasting the new wine in the Torkel and emphasizes the praiseworthy practice of Törggelen, which is still practiced today in South Tyrol and has long been established in North Tyrol as well.

Gasthaus Bretterkeller

I went to Törggelen this year at Gasthaus Bretterkeller.

The Bretterkeller is located at the foot of the Viller Berg and is very easy to reach by public transport: either take streetcar 1 to the terminus at Bergisel or bus line K to the Helblingstraße stop. In addition to the traditional Törggele menu, the restaurant Bretterkeller also offers a vegetarian option.

The Törggele menu starts with a platter of cheese, butter, bread, grapes and a curd cheese spread. The meat version also includes bacon, smoked sausages and minced meat.

Below is a Kiachl with sauerkraut and bacon or vegetarian without bacon.

Before the main course, there is a fabulous cream of pumpkin soup.

The main course is a very generous portion of very good Kasspatzln with roasted onions or a roast pork with smoked ham, dumplings and cabbage.

Before the desserts are served, there is a schnapps in between.

Finally, there are Kirchtag doughnuts, which are filled with a very fine poppy seed and plum filling, and „Keschtn“ (chestnuts).

A very successful and culinary evening at Bretterkeller.

It is essential to book in advance for Törggelen, which is possible for two or more people.

Gasthaus Bretterkeller
Opening hours: 10-22 o'clock

Thursday day off
Phone: +43 664 3962401

Where else can you enjoy Törggelen?

Gasthaus Buzihütte
Friday-Sunday: 11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Tel.: +43 512 283333

Blockhaus Kematen
Wednesday-Sunday: 11-22
Tel.: +43 512 302440

Wirtshaus Nattererboden
Thursday-Monday: 11-22 h
Tel.: +43 512 546200

Gasthaus Canisiusbrünnl
Wednesday-Saturday: 11-22
Sunday: 11-18
Tel.: +43 664 65 53 395

Törggelen every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
Tel.: +43 512 281810

Please note that a reservation is always required for Törggelen.

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