10 May 2024
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Today, smart polo shirts and shorts are swapped for comfortable everyday clothes, the heavy clubs stay in the golf bag and the wallet is spared. This article is about alternatives to classic golf. They may not be quite as elitist, but they are certainly just as much fun. You don't need a license to play or a handicap, but you do need skill, patience and stamina. From colorful obstacles in mini golf to wild throws in disc golf - let's take a look together at how diverse and exciting the world of "golfing" can be!

No basketball, but you still hit the basket

When hiking - for example on the Rangger Köpfl - some of you may have noticed these large metal baskets with chains or poles around them. In case you didn't know what they were: These are disc golf baskets, which, as the name suggests, you need for disc golfing. It's a cool game in which you try to hit the basket with as few throws as possible using special disc golf disks. The discs are very similar to frisbees, but are heavier and shaped slightly differently.

How do you play?

The rules are simple: you start from a certain point from which you throw the disk as far as possible towards the basket. From the point where the disk lands, you continue throwing. Professionals use different targets depending on the distance. A "driver" is used for long distances. The "midrange" is the approach target for medium distances. And finally, the "putter" is used for "putting". But don't worry if you only have one disc - that's enough for beginners. At the end, all the throws are added together. The fewer attempts you need to sink the disc into the basket, the better. Caution! Safety first also applies to disc golf! Before throwing, you must make sure that no one will cross the trajectory of the disc. No one may stand closer to the target than the player throwing the disc!

Each lane has a certain number of throws that you should take to hit the basket. This is called a par. Par 3s and 4s are common, but beginners should not be impressed by this. I speak from experience!

The discWG

Disc golf is a sport that is great fun. It is even more fun when you have mastered the basic techniques. And that's exactly why I met up with Birgit Lingenhel from the Innsbruck ScheibenWG club at the Pulverturm (on the grounds of the Innsbruck University Sports Institute) on a beautiful Sunday morning and was allowed to watch the ladies' training session and even take part a little. The aim of the club is to bring together people who enjoy flying plastic discs and to make this sport even more popular.

Tips from the national champion

My talent for disc golf is rather modest. While others seemed to be able to send their discs flying effortlessly, every throw was a challenge for me. My disc didn't fly nearly as far as the others. Not only is the right throwing technique important, but you also have to take into account the external circumstances, such as the wind, and adapt your technique accordingly. Luckily we had a great coach. Florian Lingenhel is a national champion and therefore a real professional. Thanks to his good tips and patience, I was able to improve and enjoy the game even more. Florian was kind enough to share his expertise not only with me, but also with you. Here are his tips for a successful shot:

Disc golf at Rangger Köpfl

If you want to practice on the course at the Powder Tower, it is best to contact ScheibenWG. "Otherwise, the course at Rangger Köpfl is ideally suited and freely accessible to everyone," recommends Birgit. The 18 holes offer ideal conditions for pros and beginners. And if you don't have your own disks, no problem, they can be hired from the staff at the Oberperfuss cable cars at the top station of the Peter-Anich-II gondola lift (Sulzstich) for a deposit.

Fun for the whole family

Disc golf is a sport that primarily trains the mind. You have to concentrate very hard, which means you don't think about anything else and leave everyday life behind. It's also a lot of fun. For families with children who don't usually enjoy hiking, I recommend the beautiful route on the Rangger Köpfl. You get some exercise in the fresh air, are on the mountain, enjoy the wonderful view over the Inn Valley and don't even notice that you're doing sport.

Golf in miniature

Just like disc golf, mini golf Mini golf depends on your mental skills. The "little sister" of traditional golf requires above all self-control, lots of practice and concentration. And I have to admit that I had my difficulties with this. It's actually primarily about having fun and spending quality time with friends and family. But then you get ambitious and want to win. You have to stay focused to score. If you play the ball just one centimeter too far to the right or left, it has a big impact.

How to play minigolf

As difficult as it is (at least for me) to concentrate, the rules are simple: The ball is hit from the tee box and must clear the obstacles to reach the hole. If the ball does not reach the hole on the first attempt, it is hit from where it stopped. Each shot counts as a point. If the ball stops too close to the fence or obstacle, it may be played from the next marker. If the ball bounces out of the lane, it is put back in where it bounced out. The goal is achieved when the ball lands in the hole. If this is not achieved after six attempts, seven points are awarded and the game moves on to the next hole. The player with the fewest points wins.

The most beautiful mini golf courses

As with disc golf, you don't need expensive equipment for mini golf. It is best to wear comfortable everyday or sports clothing. Clubs and balls can be hired on site at the mini golf course. If I could recommend one mini golf course, then it would be the one at the SportZentrum Telfs. You play on 18 standardized holes with a view of the adjacent climbing hall and the Hohe Munde. The mini golf course is easily accessible by car and public transport. If you prefer to play in Innsbruck, you can do so in Rossau. The course right next to the Quarry pond and the Restaurant deck47 (where you can also hire clubs) also offers 18 holes that are just waiting to be played.

The bad weather option

What to do when it rains? If you can't play disc golf or minigolf without getting completely soaked? Don't worry, there's a solution to this problem too: how about a round of 3D mini golfwhich combines the fun of mini-golf with unique lighting effects and amazing 3D visuals. In the B1 you can compete with friends and family on 18 holes under UV light and surrounded by fascinating 3D murals. Perfect for the whole family, whatever the weather!

I hope you enjoy the alternatives to classic golf as much as I do. Try it out in any case. you can still play "real" golf. If you need tips and suggestions, take a look at Laura's blog!

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Disc golf at Rangger Köpfl
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Minigolf in and around Innsbruck at a glance: here

Telfs golf course
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B1 3D-Minigolf Innsbruck
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