06 May 2024
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Innsbruck awakens from hibernation. The snow is slowly melting on the mountains, the first flowers are blooming in the valley and the meadows are turning lush green again. The days are getting longer and the sun is already shining brightly from the sky. It's time again for a new photo love story from springtime Innsbruck and its surrounding villages. I was out and about with my camera and show you where you can experience spring in a particularly beautiful way.

Walk through the city center

The café terraces are open again and the streets are lined with tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers. You can fill up on vitamin D on a walk through the Hofgarten, the old town and along the Inn and then enjoy a coffee in the warm spring sunshine. I can particularly recommend the Hofgarten.

Stroll through the Hofgarten and along the Inn

Innsbruck's Hofgarten is particularly worth a visit in spring. Spring flowers are in bloom everywhere and the warm temperatures invite you to sit on one of the many benches and listen to the chirping birds.

Walk in Arzl

It is particularly beautiful to walk in Arzl, on the outskirts of the town and at the foot of the Nordkette mountain range. The village character, the many wide fields and the Calvary with its magnificent view of Innsbruck make this a particularly beautiful walk.


Innsbruck's Saggen district, with its magnificent old houses and villas, is definitely worth a visit.

Into the mountains for the crocus blossom

Thousands of crocuses are in bloom in the mountains around Innsbruck. With the white peaks in the background, this is a rewarding motif for anyone who enjoys photography. There are particularly many in the Sellrain Valley or on the slopes of the Patscherkofel.

Sunsets on the Inn

Kranebitten is a great place to sit in the sun by the Inn. The long sandbank is the perfect place to make yourself comfortable with a blanket and wait for the sunset.

Blossom avenue

The Fritz-Pregl-Straße on the outer wall of the Westfriedhof cemetery is lined with many pink blossoming trees in spring. Absolutely worth seeing with the panorama of the Nordkette behind it.

There are many beautiful places in Innsbruck to enjoy spring. It's colorful almost everywhere at the moment and the anticipation of summer is great.

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