17 May 2023
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Soon it will be.

The World Mountain and Trail Running Championships 2023 (WMTRC) are approaching with big steps.

Smaller steps, uphill, and larger steps, downhill, I tried out three top trails in the Innsbruck region. These trails run through our own living room, so tangibly close they are at our feet. You can already talk about "infranatur". Because such an infrastructure right under your nose is probably unique in the world.

When it comes to getting to the three trails, you're spoiled for choice: on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car. Everything is quick and easy.

Rosnerweg-Run (light)

The Rosnerweg-Run is the ideal trail for all levels. Beginners can perfectly familiarize themselves with the sport without going through hell (we'll do that a few paragraphs later). Advanced and semi-professionals can do several laps due to the sporting challenges or simply relax while running: without time pressure and without looking at the clock.

The trail nestles kitschily into the slope at the foot of the Nordkette and remains flat except for a short steep walking section. The soft forest path runs pleasantly and gives again and again the view to the south and north. My highlight is the narrow and long avalanche dam. It lets me float and any everyday ballast outside.

Similar easy trail run routes

An easy and entertaining round on the sunny side with green meadows. The Stubai Glacier shines from afar.

The sunny round leads around the golf course and past the Lanser and Mühlsee lakes. After the lily pond, you can shorten the round if your legs get heavy.

Sillschlucht-Trail (medium)

The Sillschlucht is an impressive natural spectacle. The views into the deep gorge are truly breathtaking. But also impressive are the views from the gorge with the towering Bergisel ski jump on the blue canvas of the sky. A highlight are the people who line the Sillschlucht-Trail or in the fresh Sill as hermits of the free physical culture indulge. I focused primarily on the trail with all the accompanying sights. My entry point for the panoramic loop was the one at the end of the parking lot at the giant circular painting at Bergisel.

Similar medium difficulty trail run routes

Above Amras, very close to the castle park, you will find the Tummelplatz circuit. Already after the first ascent, a casual view of the city and a 180-degree panorama of the Nordkette is revealed.

Around the Lansersee with entry in Igls or Lans one is in a very beautiful recreation area. Runners can really let off steam here

Höttinger-Höfe-Trail with variant Höttinger Hölle (heavy)

The Höttinger Höll tells the creation of trail running and the existence of mountain running. It combines both, because the path is so steep, and the route does not remain a myth. It is real. I get on at the Kirschentalpassage and run across the Höttinger-Höfe towards Gramartstraße and then fully engage in the hellish adventure. It's already rather crunchy and steep enough that I can keep up with a mountain biker at a moderate ascent pace. Especially the last third of the trail has it in itself. A highlight are the houses that are built left and right in the slope.

Similar difficult trail run routes

Wonderfully challenging trail running route, which crosses all three surrounding peaks on the Patscherkofel. If all three peaks are too much for you, you can simply shorten the route from Boscheben via the Zirbenweg and skip the Patscherkofel.

Long and challenging route in the south of the city, which offers tempting trail highlights.

Wide range of trail running routes

There are now 29 signposted trail running routes in the Innsbruck region. All routes meet the guidelines of the province of Tyrol and are therefore tested by experts. Unlike running trails, trail running trails are not classified. A trail running route is always recognizable by the green background color on the trail run icon.

On the tracks of the World Cup

Everyone can get an idea of the WM courses and experience the running flair for themselves.

The WMTRC start with the Vertical. And you can climb the course right before the official start and then cheer on the pros from the finish.

On the second day of the WMTRC the Trail Short will take place. You can also run this course and parts of it. It goes through the old town, to the Rauschbrunnen and the Höttinger Bild as well as through the villages of Völs and Birgitz and into the area of the Mutterer Alm.

Höttinger Alm, Adolf-Pichler-Hütte, Hoadl, Kemater Alm, Salfeinssee: the third WOC day takes you almost everywhere with the Trail Long. These places are so beautiful that one would prefer to call them by their first name. Not for nothing are the Kalkkögel also called the Dolomites of North Tyrol.

On the last day of the World Championships, the Mountain Classic takes place. Part of it is the notorious Höll, see above. In any case, this route is also a highlight to run or walk after.

Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival

What you can do in June anyway: mark your calendar bold. Because the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival is back in town. The largest trail run event in Austria has something for everyone. Whether you're a trail beginner or an experienced trail runner, the routes offer variety on field and forest paths and, of course, the brilliant panorama of the sports capital of the Alps.


World Mountain and Trail Running Championships 2023
The World Mountain and Trail Running Championships, WMTRC for short, will take place in Innsbruck-Stubai from June 6 to 10, 2023.
All competitions guarantee spectacle. And at the Race to Höll on June 6 you can also prove your top form.

Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival 2023
Already from June 1 to 3 the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun FestivaliATF for short, will take place. The eighth edition of this ingenious event runs as a world championship edition.
The festival program is sensational.

Everything about trail running

More about the basics of trail running can be found in the first article of our series on trail running in the Innsbruck region.

Many thanks to La Sportiva for providing the trailrun equipment for this article series!

Photos, unless otherwise stated: © Hartmut Müller

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