22 August 2023
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The vacation season is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year. But for dog owners, the question always arises: Where to take the furry family member? Take it with you or leave it at home? Good news for everyone: In Innsbruck, four-legged friends are very welcome. In this article you will find out which exciting activities you can experience with your dog in the alpine metropolis, where the best accommodations for humans and animals are and what you should pay attention to during your stay. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxing vacation with your dog.

I'm packing my suitcase ...

I spoke with certified dog trainer Mag. Caroline Burchell, who has been accompanied by dogs since childhood and is an expert in her field thanks to numerous trainings. She gave us valuable tips that will make a relaxed vacation with dog in Innsbruck a success. Preparation is already half the battle. Those who carefully compile their packing list will have much less stress at the vacation destination. Of course, a leash should be at the top of the list - preferably a short and a long drag line for extended walks. Under no circumstances should you forget your vaccination record; a current rabies vaccination is mandatory. As muzzles are compulsory on certain cable cars and public transport, one of these must also be included in the suitcase.

Get used to the muzzle in time

It is important to get the dog used to the muzzle in time. "It's best to put a 'treat' inside and hold the muzzle like a bowl in front of the dog's muzzle so that he slips into it himself. You practice this over and over to get him used to it. It is also important that the muzzle is big enough so that the dog can still eat and drink despite the muzzle," explains Caroline Burchell.

Heat protection for fur noses: Mountain summer with dog

In summer it can be very hot in the mountains. Therefore, do not forget a portable bowl that you can fill with fresh water at any time. A dog must not only drink, but of course also eat. Pack a bowl and food. Even if you can buy food locally, it is still advisable to take your dog's usual food with you. A new environment and the many impressions can be stressful for a dog, so rest breaks are essential. My dog prefers to lie down on the cool ground in the summer. However, every dog is different, Mag. Burchell recommends to bring a small box or a blanket in any case.

Dogs on board, but properly!

If you arrive by Carthe dog must be properly secured. An unsecured dog can become a considerable risk even in everyday driving situations. Test drives with dog dummies have made it clear what fatal consequences an incorrect or missing securing can have.
For those who decide to travel by train, it is important to inform yourself about the applicable regulations on the ÖBB website. Currently, small dogs may be transported in a suitable transport box. If the dog is secured with a muzzle and leash, a transport box is not required and it may sit on the ground. For air travelers, it is advisable to obtain information about the transport guidelines from the respective airline.

Dogs Welcome!

The suitcases are packed and the journey is planned, but where to stay now? In and around Innsbruck there are a few places to stay where furry noses are very welcome. Here you will find an overview of all accommodations, and I am sure that the right one for you is there.

Camping with dog

The Gerhardhof in Wildermieming stands out especially. Here, surrounded by larch forests and meadows, with a fantastic view of the Hohe Munde, not only dogs feel at home, but also their owners. The Gerhardhof offers various accommodation options. For dog lovers traveling with camper, caravan or tent, there is the perfect place on the 33,000 square meter sunny campsite. The surrounding area invites you to go on long hikes. And don't worry if your pet is dirty after a long walk - the sanitary building even has its own dog shower. I don't know if all dogs are like that, but mine is happier the dirtier he is. No mud puddle or manure pile is safe from him. We would certainly have to use the shower every day.

Vacation on the sunny plateau

For those who like it a little more luxurious and still do not want to give up the camping feeling, the booking of a glamping tent is an option. However, dogs are not allowed in this option. Should you be curious though, feel free to check out Lea, who wrote a great blog post about it. Where dogs are allowed again, however, are two of the nine lovingly renovated, modern and stylishly furnished Rooms at the Gerhardhof. So if you are looking for a relaxing vacation in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains and enjoy hiking and long walks with your four-legged friend, then you are on the sunny Mieminger Plateau gerhardhof is exactly the right place for you. If I didn't live practically around the corner, this would probably be my preferred choice for a vacation with dog!

Telfs: Starting point for adventures on four paws

Only about 20 to 30 minutes by car from Innsbruck lies the market town of Telfs. Thanks to its idyllic location at the foot of the Hohe Munde and its excellent transport connections, it offers a perfect starting point for excursions and hikes. The surrounding area is home to several beautiful walking trails, including a dog-free zone along the Inn River in the southern part of the municipality.

A home away from home

If Telfs is your vacation destination and you want to feel at home while your faithful companion is by your side, I recommend a stay in harry’s home. These accommodations are particularly suitable for longer stays and offer a choice of rooms, studios and apartments. Some room types are equipped with a kitchenette so you can be self-sufficient. Moreover, you can easily wash your hiking clothes that got dirty after a long walk with the dog. The rooms are spacious enough to comfortably accommodate both you and your four-legged friends. And by the way, your dogs even get their own food bowl from harry’s home.

City chic for fur noses pradl elf

Those who prefer to spend their vacations directly in the city can of course also do so with their dog in Innsbruck - for example in the pradl elf. Pradl, a historic district that has retained a charming village character despite its central location, is characterized by the time-honored Brunnenplatzl, which has been preserved to this day and is located near the apartment hotel pradl elf. This hotel skillfully combines modernity with the traditions of the district. While it retains its historic charm on the outside, it offers every contemporary comfort on the inside. Dogs are welcome in some rooms and on request they will receive a small dog bed and a dog bowl at no extra cost.

On tour with your four-legged friend: hiking fun and adventure

After you have arrived safely at your booked accommodation, the only question now is what to do with your furry companions? Above all, there are extensive hikes in the surrounding mountains. You can reach your destination especially quickly with the mountain railroads. Dogs are allowed on most of them. More information about this and a "dog etiquette" can be found here. A particularly nice way to spend time with your four-legged friend is offered by the dog trainer Caroline Burchell. Who would like, can with her guided walks book. During the easy tours, which last between two and three hours, you have the opportunity to learn new things in the wonderful Tyrolean landscape and to do some exercises together with your dog. The hikes take place once or twice a month. Who now thinks, well, nice, but not optimal for me as a tourist, I can reassure. Caroline Burchell has assured me that vacationers are very welcome to contact her and together we will look for a suitable date. Also the routes are adapted to the needs of their customers.

To a successful vacation with dog

All in all, Innsbruck offers not only breathtaking nature and fascinating sights, but also a warm welcome culture for our four-legged companions. From relaxing walks to exciting mountain adventures, there is a suitable experience for every dog and dog owner. Thanks to Caroline Burchell's tips and dog-friendly accommodations, your vacation with dog in Innsbruck will be an unforgettable time full of joy, relaxation and shared adventures. So, pack your leash, grab your faithful companion and set off for an unforgettable vacation on four paws.


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Sonnenplateau Camping Gerhardhof GmbH
Gerhardhof 1
6413 Wildermieming
Price for dogs: room € 15,-/night, camping site € 5,-/night

harry’s home Telfs
Weißenbachgasse 21
6410 Telfs
Price for dogs: € 10,-/night

pradl elf my-apartment
Pradler Straße 11
6020 Innsbruck
Price for dogs: € 20,-/night

Joy und Co
Mag. Caroline Burchell
Tel: +43 (0)650 258 25 29
E-Mail: info@joyundco.at

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