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Geocaching is where scavenger hunt meets hiking fun. Geographic coordinates are used to solve exciting tasks and discover new places. Outdoor puzzle fun for the whole family! Which caches are hidden in the Innsbruck region, we reveal to you in the following list.

Period: Spring - Autumn
Devices: Garmin Etrex or Garmin Etrex 10 (Instructions in German)

Multi-Cache - Alm-Erlebnis

Around the Stöttlalm there is much to discover: a rushing stream a small petting zoo - and of course a cache! Joseph Chapel N 47° 18.383 E 010° 59.129 Question: When was the fountain built? Get digit sum of the year and write down the result as A. A = Summary Sheet N 47° 18.593 E 010° 59.014 Question: At which altitude is the Simmeringalm situated? Note the last point as B. B = Note: Only a few meters away is a small forest playground with an adjacent creek. Cattle gate N 47° 18.768 E 010° 59.091 Question: Count the large fields of the metal cattle gate and subtract one. Write down the number as C. C = A building N 47° 19.045 E 010° 58.878 Question: Count the horizontal wooden slats of the entrance gate and double the result. Write down the answer as D. D = The treasure can be found at N 47° C. AAB E 010° (A+B) (D+B).(C-B)1 The Stöttlalm offers wonderful surroundings for a stop. Then follow the hiking trail back to the parking lot.

Multi-Cache - Das Kirchendorf Rietz

Rietz is a municipality in the central upper Inn valley distinguished by its large number of churches and chapels. The parish church and pilgrimage church high above Rietz in particular mark the image of the village. The cache takes you on a lovely walk around the town. The best thing to do is to park your caching vehicle at the following coordinates: N 47° 17.134 E 011° 02.438 Mair’s Beerengarten (berry garden) The first clue takes you to Mair's Beerengarten A veritable fruit paradise awaits you here from June to October. A huge variety of sweet fruit is available, as are fine schnapps and liqueurs as well as delicious juices. Which fruit is depicted on the lanterns in the car park? Write down the corresponding number as A. N 47° 17.195 E 011° 02.524 Strawberries = 5 Pears = 9 Grapes = 4 A= Rietz Fire Brigade The volunteer fire brigade has existed for more than 130 years. When exactly was it founded? Write down the sum of the digits of the year as B. N 47° 17.225 E 011° 02.011 B= Kreuzkirche (Church of the Holy Cross) The Church of the Holy Cross is one of three churches in Rietz and, therefore, part of the reason it is called the village of churches. How often has the church been renovated? Double this number and write down the number as C. N 47° 17.300 E 011° 01.655 C= Places of power This particular spot is an invitation to catch your breath. How many stone pillars surround the well? Write down the number as D. N 47° 17.150 E 011° 01.706 D= Chapel Your path to the cache leads past a small roadside chapel. Take the sum of the digits of the number above the entrance, subtract 11 and write down the result as E. N 47° 17.022 E 011°01.849 E= Pilgrimage church dedicated to St. Anthony The pilgrimage church of St. Anthony towers over Rietz, offering a beautiful view over the town. The renowned Calvary of Rietz is located on the rear of the church. Alongside numerous shrines, you will find various smaller chapels such as the War Memorial Chapel, the Ölberg Chapel and the Chapel of the Holy Cross. You will find your next clue on the north side of the pilgrimage church. How much time passed between the construction of the church and the beginning of its first major renovation? Write down the sum of the digits of the number as F. N 47° 16.950 E 011° 02.055 F = You will find the cache at N 47° (C+E).(A+F)(C-F)(B-E-C-D) E 011° (E-C-A)(F-D).B(D+F)

Multi-Caching - die Heimat des Bergdoktors

The Lacke viewpoint provides a wonderful view over the Sonnenplateau and large parts of the Inntal valley. There is now finally a multicache that takes you past the Lehnberghaus to the Lacke. The path from the paid car park (visitors with a Gäste.Card from Sonnenplateau Mieming & Inntal will receive a free parking ticket from their landlord or at the TVB office) to the treasure takes around 1.5 hours of pure walking time. The Lehnberghaus offers refreshments on the way back down. The Lacke viewpoint is located at about 1,700 meters above sea level and you move in alpine terrain, so sturdy footwear is highly recommended in any season. You can leave your caching vehicle at the following parking coordinates: N 47° 18.751 E 010° 54.175 On the way You can find the first clue to the treasure at: N 47° 18.868 E 010° 54.172 How many knives do you see? Add 1 and make a note of the number as A. A= Bridge over the stream Follow the forest stream and you will find a bridge at the following coordinates: N 47° 19.275 E 010° 54.957 Count the pillars supporting the bridge railings and write down that number as B. B= Hidden wall A short distance from the path you will find a small structure with a metal door. N 47° 19.654 E 010° 55.375 In how many rows are the ventilation holes arranged in the door? Write down the number as C. C= A little red man at the edge of the woods If you continue to follow the path you will find a little red man with a red head and a silver foot at the following coordinates. N 47° 19.708 E 010° 55.540 Count the letters of the word written on it in large lower-case letters and write this down as D. D= The Lacke is within your grasp Here you will find a signpost to the Lacke. N 47° 19.688 E 010° 55.910 To how many alternative destinations does this path lead? Write down the number as E. E= The treasure's hiding place You will find the treasure at: N 47° E(D+A).BAC E 010° DB.(D-E-A)(C+E)(C-E-A/2) Congratulations! After successfully finding the treasure you will finally have time to enjoy the amazing view through the oversized picture frame down into the valley. The Sonnenplateau Mieming & Inntal area stretches out below you. Do you see the ski jump in Stams? Or the Barwies forest swimming pool? And you are sure to recognise the Mieming Golf Park.

Multi-Caching - die Heimat des Bergdoktors

In Sonnenstein (Wildermieming) you will find the „Bergdoktorhaus“ the film location of the TV series called “Der Bergdoktor” (mountain doctor). In this cache the doctor presents his home-village. The Rochus Chapel: N 47° 18.936 E 010° 59.916 Question: How many seats are in the chapel? Write down the number as A. A = The Greißlerladen and the Post - Franzis department The next stop takes you right into the heart of Sonnenstein. Franzi the housekepper of Pankraz Obermayer had in this building her postal service. In the same building was also a small grocery store. N 47° 19.(2*A) 9 E 011° 00.(3*A+4) 9 Question: Count the windows of the first floor on the south side of the house and note down the number as B. B = The way now leads passing a few movie sites to the parish church Wildermieming. Parish Wildermieming: The mention of the parish church in Wildermieming was first documented in 1532 and was among the 57 oldest parishes of the former diocese of Brixen. The simple baroque church is dedicated to St. Nicholas of Myra. Particularly interesting are the impressive ceiling fresco by Franz Altmüller and the great fresco of St. Christopher that adorns the south tower facade. In this tower you will find the hint to the next waypoint. N 47° (3*A+1).1(3 * B) E 011° 00.B0B Question: Do you see the upper year that is specified on the church tower? Note the number as C and the second number as D. C = D = Follow the road further east. Bergdoktorhaus You are now standing in front of the famous film set of the Bergdoktorhaus. Here lived the popular TV doctor and treated all his patients and experienced the strangest stories. Opposite the entrance door you will find a gate. Behind that a narrow path leads over the hill down to the street. You perhaps remember this way that Franzi ran up often when Pankraz once again needed the help of the Bergdoktor. You should take this route, once you've answered the following question: N 47° 19.C(B+D)B E 011° 00.A(D-C)(2*B) Question: Count the number of glass panel in the front door, double the number and note it down as E. E= You will find the cache at: N 47° 19.C(A+D)(E*2+C) E 011° 00.(D*D)(E*3)(B+E)

Multicache - Die Sage vom Schatzstein

There are many stories, myths and legends existing about the Mieminger Schatzstein. Mysterious incidents made the pine forest above the Mieminger Mooswiesen to a mysterious area. The most famous legend is about the treasure of stone: Under the boulder in the middle of the pine forest is a great treasure buried. Only a virgin can raise the treasure if she comes to the stone at night dressed in a shirt and raises a lighted candle in her hand. She may not extinguish the candle and say a prayer. This is the only way the Virgin can move the stone as if by magic to the side.Perhaps you are well disposed to the spirits and you will find the treasure! At the following coordinates you can park your car: N 47° 18.495 E 010° 57.746 Begin your search for the fabled treasure at: N 47° 18.428 E 010° 57.796 Question: You are standing in front of some yellow arrows pointing north. What is the one-digit checksum of the topmost path numbers? Write down the answer as A. A = The next clue for the treasure you find on a 80-year-old building: N 47° 18.610 E 010° 57.840 Question: At the front of the building there are two panels made ​​of metal. Write down the number of letters of the first word in the fourth line on the right panel as B. And the number of letters of the second last word as C. B = C = The next coordinates lead you to a very special job: N 47° 18.820 E 010° 57.671 Question: How many steps lead to the entrance? Subtract 4 and note the number as D. D = To be worthy to raise the treasure, you must first solve this little mystery. N 47 ° (D+A) .9(2*A) B E 010° 57.(2 * A) (3*B+C) The treasure of stone is ideal for short notches or playing with the children. (CAUTION when handling candles!) Proposal for the way back: Go back to N 47° 18.859 E010° 57.672, a marked junction. Continue towards Gschwent and turn right at the first opportunity (N 47° 18.911, E 010° 57.600) on the left. The Route and follow the beautiful round to Moosalm and from there continue to enjoy the car park.

Multi-Cache - Hoch über Pfaffenhofen

At this geocache, we want to show you the close surroundings of Pfaffenhofen. The snapshot above shows you the view over the neighbouring market town of Telfs from the municipal area of Pfaffenhofen. The path to the treasure takes around 1.5 hours. You can leave your caching vehicle in front of the municipal building at N 47° 17.902 E 011° 04.964, and there is also an ÖBB P&R car park. Parish church N 47° 17.953 E 011° 04.953 Your first question takes you to the Pfaffenhofen parish church, once the seat of an itinerant bishop. There is a war memorial here. What adorns the point of the memorial? - A dragon: A= 5 - An eagle: A= 9 - The figure of a saint: A= 1 Play area N 47° 17.862 E 011° 04.781 The next waypoint takes you to a play area. Count the "towers" in the wooden wall. Add the number 2 to the number of towers and note the result as B. B= Aussichtspunkt N 47° 17.783 E 011° 04.546 Here you will find a viewpoint. Looking towards the North, you will see an orange-yellow building. How many of the building's towers can you see? Write the number down as C. C= Bistro Höll N 47° 17.561 E 011° 04.375 It is relatively far to the waypoint. Don't get discouraged, and follow the marked path. Once you arrive at the coordinates, you will see the Bistro Höll. What frames the entrance? - 2 trees: D= 3 - 2 stones: D= 0 - 2 concrete pillars D= 8 D = Signpost N 47° 17.587 E 011° 04.453 Here you will find two signposts. Add up the digits of the number on the upper sign and write the number down as E. E= Hörtenberg Ruins Now follow the path to the Hörtenberg Castle ruins. Trespassing on the neighbouring property is forbidden (see “Betreten verboten” signs), so please respect the owner's wishes. First mentioned in a deed in 1227, by 1300, Hörtenberg Castle was the place of jurisdiction of a very large region. On August 5th, 1706, lightning ignited the powder stores (approx. 1500 hundredweight), with the majority of the castle being destroyed in the ensuing explosion. The only remnant was the keep which is still visible today. While you are here, you can also grab the cache Telfer Ansichten #1 N 47° 17.666 E 011° 04.767 How many windows, doors, arrow slits etc. do you see on the western side of the tower? Write down this number as F. F= The treasure's hiding place The path to the treasure takes you a short way back. N 47° 17. EC(F-1) E 011° 04.(A-C)(D+C)(B+1)

Multi-Cache - Inzing entdecken

This geocache will take you through various neighbourhoods and quiet hamlets of the Municipality of Inzing. This cache requires a pure walking time of 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on which path you take to return to the starting point. You do not need to leave the signposted path in order to find the individual clues. The cache itself is a few metres away from the path. The best thing to do is to park your caching vehicle at the following coordinates: N 47° 16.482 E 011° 11.342 Follow the path over the bridge at waypoint 1 (N 47° 16.466 and E 011° 11.222) to the first clue. A town with history On which day in April did Blasius Hueber die? Write down the number as A. N 47° 16.343 E 011° 10.791 A= Chapel Find how many words make up the inscription on the front of the chapel and write that down as B: N 47° 16.295 E 011° 10.598 B= Follow the path past waypoint 2 (N 47° 16.193 and E 011° 10.620) to the next clue. Wunder Wald (the wonders of a forest) How many lists are there under "Wussten Sie, dass…" (Did you know that...)? Write down the number as C. N 47° 16.035 E 011° 10.258 C = Raised hide What is located at this point? A Electricity pylons (=7) B Chapel (=4) C Well (=1) D High stand (=11) Write down the solution as D N 47° 15.985 E 011° 10.194 D = Peter Anich In which year did Peter Anich contract typhoid fever? Add up the digits of the number and write the number down as E. N 47° 15.913 E 011° 10.244 E= Weiler Hof How many houses on the board have numbers? Halve this number and write it down as F. N 47° 15.994 E 011° 10.690 F= Inntalterrassen (Inntal valley terraces) panel Find the word that is written in the largest letters and count the letters in it. Write down the number as G. N 47°15.974 E 011° 10.796 G= The geology of the Eastern Alps In the top right of the sign you will find two numbers. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number and divide the result by two. Write down the number as H. N 47° 15.874 E 011° 10.899 H= Now that you have visited all of the stations, it's time to calculate the final coordinates: N 47° G.(E-D)(C+F)[(A+B)/5] E 011° (G-C).(B+F)(D-9)(A+F)

Multi-Cache - Kreuz und quer durch Oberhofen

This multicache will take you through the centre of the town of Oberhofen as well as the surrounding forests. The path to the treasure takes a good hour on foot. The best thing to do is to leave your caching vehicle by the school: N 47° 18.173 E 011° 05.710 Well of St. Florian N 47° 18.283 E 011° 05.727 Next to the fountain you will find a stop sign, below is a number on an additional sign. Take this number and subtract the number 2 and write down the solution as A. A= Street name N 47° 18.268 E 011° 05.603 At the coordinates indicated you will find the name of the branching road. Count the “e”s on the sign and write down the number as B. B= Underpass N 47° 18.126 E 011° 05.547 Your path will take you to a railway underpass. How many hedgehogs are depicted there? Write the number down as C. C = "Vorrang geben" (Give away) traffic sign N 47° 17.992 E 011° 05.639 Above the traffic sign, you will find a street name. If you take each word individually, how many first names make up the street name? Write the number down as D. D = Road junction N 47° 17.796 E 011° 05.816 How many yellow arrow-shaped signposts can you see here? Double this and call this number E. E= Freinademetz Chapel N 47° 17.764 E 011° 05.890 From this point, you should be able to see a small chapel on the other side of the field to your left. How many windows do you see on the south side of the chapel? Multiply the number by 3 and note the number as F. F= The treasure's hiding place You will find the treasure at: N 47° (A+B+C).(E-D)0(B-D) E 011° 05.E(F-B)(A-F)
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