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The newly-buitl synagogue in Sillgasse was consecrated in 1993. The prayer room is covered with natural marble, and the raised pulpit (almemor) takes a prominent place in the building. Upon visiting the synagogue, take a look upwards at the roof arches that show the night sky towards Jerusalem on the day of opening (21st March, 1993). On the eastern wall is the Torah ark. The Torah scriptures and clothing (including the Torah jackets, crown, shield, pointer and essays) are from early twentieth-century Prague.

Innsbruck's women donated the Torah curtain in 1899. Next to it are ritual objects such as a silver Hanukkah candelabra, a present from the former Catholic bishop Reinhold Stecher, who was completely in favour of the city's Jewish community. A further Torah curtain can be found in the vestibule, donated by the widow of one of Innsbruck's rabbis.

The consecration of the synagogue in the newly-constructed building at Sillgasse 15 allowed the Israeli community to return to its former location in 1993. The prayer room contains a special remembrance object - the key to the old synagogue, destroyed in 1938, has survived the decades. A neighbour at the time removed the key and kept it safe during the Night of Broken Glass. The key was then symbolically returned to the community during the building's reopening in 1993.

The entrance area is incribed with the Hebrew words 'Build me this house and here I shall live', and the Mezuzah, a capsule attached to the doorpost and containing religious parchment, refers to the community's new self-confidence. The synagogue was extended in 2014 with a multi-function room, and now offers space for events, presentations and tours.

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