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Go on a discovery tour through Innsbruck on various special tours. Follow the guided city tours in historical costumes to places and locations steeped in history. Learn interesting, curious and entertaining facts from the centuries.
 > Glamour & poverty – daily life around 1500 AD

Glamour & poverty – daily life around 1500 AD

Per Pedes Stadtführungen
Frau Dr. Frenzel
6020  Innsbruck
+43 664 / 43 39 419

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Emperor Maximilian I and his two wives, Maria von Burgund and Bianca Maria Sforza, give an insight into the extravagance of courtly life while a blabbermouth and a bathhouse prostitute describe the daily difficulties they had to overcome. The tour takes participants on an entertaining journey to the year 1500 when Innsbruck was the centre of the Habsburg Empire. Experience exciting history up close. Actors all wear authentic period costumes. Costume tour, duration: 60 minutes, available for groups only, price on request.

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