30 October 2023
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May makes everything new - no, wrong: fall makes everything new! The summer break is over and we're back at work, freshly refreshed. School and university have long since started again, but that's not all. There's also a lot going on in Innsbruck's restaurant scene. I'm delighted to be able to introduce you to some great new places and I'm sure there will be something to suit everyone's taste!

New start in Maria-Theresien-Straße

I would like to start with a restaurant that we have all been eagerly awaiting to open. Who didn't know the old Theresien Bräu? A cult pub where you could eat, drink and party really well. After its insolvency, the building in Maria-Theresien-Straße had been empty for a while and we were eagerly waiting for it to be brought back to life. And who better to do this than Selle Coskun? The Innsbruck native is no stranger to the restaurant scene thanks to Selles and the l'Arc is no stranger to the restaurant scene. But he is also successful far beyond the country's borders. He has been involved in the conception of international gastronomic projects and - as if that wasn't enough - is also a sought-after model. So it is only logical that he should incorporate his experiences and impressions from all over the world into his new restaurant mariatheresia into his new restaurant. Breweries from New York City, Toronto and Copenhagen are among the models.

Habsburg charm in the mariatheresia

But let's start from the beginning: After Selle Coskun learned that the building was empty, he did not hesitate for long and began developing the concept. With success! We can look forward to something that Innsbruck has never seen before. "I would even say that mariatheresia is unique in the whole of Austria," says the Innsbruck native, piquing our curiosity. Even if he doesn't want to give everything away yet and surprise his guests, he has still revealed a few things. The restaurateur is planning to bring live music back to Innsbruck. We can look forward to great concerts and events. The building, which will be divided into different zones, offers enough space for this. "We can hold several events at the same time. But we can also combine them if necessary. That was important to us," says Selle Coskun. Each area will be different, and the concept and color scheme will vary slightly. Nevertheless, there is a common thread that runs through the entire restaurant: the Habsburg. Maria Theresa, the hostess and lady of the house, or one of her family members will be found in the different zones.

The green thread

Of course I'm always interested in the cuisine, because the coolest location is useless if the food isn't convincing. What culinary highlights can we look forward to? "We offer Tyrolean cuisine with an international flair. Our offer differs depending on the zone. For example, there will be street food at Friedrich Halle and exclusive cocktails at the bar. Austrian cuisine is the guiding principle, so to speak, interwoven with a little internationality. We attach great importance to quality and regionality," emphasizes Selle Coskun. The concept of sustainability runs throughout and does not stop in the kitchen. "We bring everything up to the latest technical standards, which of course prolongs the renovations and is more time-consuming, but in the end it's worth it. For example, we have completely renewed the windows so that they insulate optimally. We rely on heat recovery to heat the rooms efficiently and avoid wasting heat. The green idea is important to us."

So, we are now more than excited and looking forward to when mariatheresia finally opens its doors in January 2024.

Celebrate parties as they fall - with cupcakes

No matter what we celebrate, we always enjoy it with something sweet: whether it's a birthday cake, wedding cake or christening cake - no celebration is complete without sugar! I'll now tell you where you can get the best cakes - or rather cupcakes.

New restaurant - tried and tested recipe

Thomas Raimair has been baking tarts for 10 years. Since August this year, he has once again been actively supported by his wife Simone. Initially, their store was located in Leopoldstraße. But there was hardly any room to sit comfortably there. This has changed fundamentally in their new premises in Bürgerstraße, where Royal Donuts used to be. Here, Thomas and Simone have opened a veritable cupcake paradise in the style of the 1950s. The dark grey painted walls are emblazoned with the "Törtchen" logo, and the pink and grey upholstered armchairs invite you to enjoy a cozy coffee while watching the hustle and bustle through the large windows.

Small, fine, unique

Anyone expecting a traditional patisserie where grandmothers meet on Sundays to eat cake will not find what they are looking for at the Törtchen will not find it. From the design to the owners Simone and Thomas to the cake creations - everything here is a little different. But different is great! The cakes themselves are particularly outstanding. "Our cakes are truly unique. They don't just look pretty, but are characterized above all by their taste, which is hard to put into words," Simone tries to explain, "our tarts are lighter and less sweet." I can only confirm that. I was given a small sample and can assure you that although the tartlets are certainly small calorie bombs, they taste incredibly light and fresh, simply good.

Sweetening your life

"Of course, we adapt our range to the seasons. In winter, for example, we offer heartier tarts such as Black Forest kirsch or creamy tarts with egg liqueur - which we make ourselves, by the way, like almost everything here," says Simone. It's clear that the tartlets are the stars of the restaurant, but there is also a selection of snacks such as salads, toast and focaccia to satisfy small, hearty appetites in between meals or during lunch breaks.

In short, if you are looking for exquisite little cakes or the perfect birthday, christening or wedding cake, you should definitely pay a visit to Törtchen. You can't sweeten your life enough.

A little bit hipster, a little bit Japan

Now that we've filled our bellies with sweet tarts, we need something light. In this context, I can warmly recommend the Luju's Fusion Ramen highly recommend. Lucie and Julian's casual idea to "start something of their own one day" turned into an impressive project. Within just a few weeks, the two of them transformed the former Baguette branch in the BALE into a place of enjoyment and relaxation. With sweat, passion and the support of numerous friends and creative minds from their network, they created a space that will delight ramen lovers.

For those who like it light and delicious

Japanese noodle soup has its roots in Imperial China and was adopted, adapted and further developed by Japanese cuisine in the 19th century. As I like Asian food, I was sure that I would also like ramen. And lo and behold, I was not disappointed. First of all - to be honest - I wouldn't come here with children. The dishes are well seasoned, but probably a little too much for small palates. My husband wasn't completely satisfied either; it wasn't enough for him: too little meat, too little fat, not hearty enough. I, on the other hand, thought it was really good.

A new interpretation

There were three ramen variations and two side dishes on the menu. Unfortunately, the "meat ramen" was not available on the day we visited, which disappointed my husband a little. He had to make do with the vegetarian option, which was really delicious in my opinion. I can't compare it to "real" Japanese ramen, but this was excellent. The aim of Luju's is not to cook authentic Japanese food. It is an interpretation, and the result is a unique creation that tastes wonderful! Luju's is an uncomplicated pop-up restaurant where anyone who wants to have a good time is welcome. Whether you're enjoying a quick espresso at the bar, a cozy drink with friends or simply a bowl of hearty ramen, the atmosphere here is relaxed and friendly.

New restaurants - new taste

In Innsbruck, you are likely to find the right restaurant for every occasion and every mood. Since this year, the new restaurants mariatheresia, Törtchen and Luju's have enriched the gastronomic offer. After all, you can never get enough of good food!

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