02 September 2022
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The beautiful railroad line from Innsbruck in the direction of Seefeld is freshly renovated and back in operation. I was on the road for you and bring you a dreamlike hike, which you can combine with a panoramic ride through the Martinswand

Panoramic drive towards Seefeld

We take the S-Bahn line 6 in the direction of Garmisch-Partenkirchen from the Innsbruck train station in the direction of Hochzirl. The line, which is also called Karwendelbahn, runs every 30-60 minutes during the day.

Please note that you must have the train ticket before you start your journey. At the station there are ticket machines or also a counter available or you can buy the ticket via the ÖBB app.

You can also get on the train in Innsbruck at Westbahnhof, Hötting station and Allerheiligen.

Why panoramic ride? The railroad line climbs continuously from the station in Hötting and it goes directly through the rock faces of the Martinswand and from the Hechenberg high above the Inn Valley. Through several tunnels and galleries with stunning views an absolute highlight.

I recommend you to take a seat on the left side of the train to enjoy the ride and the view in the best possible way.

Let yourself be surprised, because there are not many railroad lines that lead through such a steep rock face.

We drive to the train station in Hochzirl. There we start our hike by walking along the platform to the end and follow the yellow signpost towards Magdeburger Hütte and Solsteinhaus.

Over the Goaßboden to the Ehnbach

After a short walk we leave the area of the tracks and come on a beautiful narrow path into the beautiful forest and after a short time to the Goaßboden. Here is a small wooden hut in a clearing and a swing is attached to a tree.

Follow the path through the beautiful forest until you reach a forest road. We cross this and follow the signs towards Neue Magdeburger Hütte and Brunntal.

On a somewhat wider path it now goes high above the tracks of the Karwendelbahn past until the path again joins a forest road. We take the signposted path in the direction of Ehnbachklamm into the forest which leads us directly down to the Ehnbach.

Across the bridge to the dam

A wooden bridge leads us directly over the Ehnbach and down into the wide creek bed. On the left and right of the creek bed you can climb on the rocks. My blogger colleague Lea has written an interesting blog post about this.

Through the extensive stream bed with the many water arms we go left keeping through the gravel until a steep path leads upwards. We take this path up to a barrier, which we pass and follow the sign to the right into the forest in the direction of Ehnbachklamm. We now come directly to the imposing dam wall.

The dam wall provides protection from mudflows for the community of Zirl, which has been hit by accidents several times. We cross the dam directly and go down the stairs on the other side directly into the Ehnbachklamm.

Here I would like to mention that it can be life-threatening in the gorge during thunderstorms and rain and you should please cross it only in good weather. Warning signs point out the dangers.

A refreshing sight

You follow the path further and further down. Individual passages are rope-secured. Caution is imperative, as the stones can always be wet and slippery. I don't want to say much about the gorge, except that it is wonderful. Just pure nature and a refreshment on warm days. For the rest I let the pictures speak.

At the end of the gorge you stand directly in the village of Zirl. From here you can either walk to the train station in Zirl or to the main road and take the bus back to Innsbruck (line 4176).

If you are looking for a bit more adventure, I recommend a visit to the Kaiser-Max-Grotte. It can be hiked directly from Zirl in a short time. I'll tell you more about it in my blog article about the Kaiser-Max-Grotte.

Stress-free without car from Innsbruck

A beautiful, not very long or strenuous hike, because you do not have to make any altitude. The train ride with the Karwendelbahn is always special and you save the stress of driving, parking fees and searching for a parking space.

This hike is a refreshing treat in the summer, but just as recommended in the fall. The many deciduous trees certainly make it a colorful experience.

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