01 February 2023
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The carnival season in Tyrol: Only real with doughnuts!

You can think what you want about the carnival season and its numerous traditions, only a fool can resist really good Faschingskrapfen. The fluffy yeast dough pastry, filled with apricot jam (apricots) and sprinkled with powdered sugar, is a fixed part of Tyrolean bakeries from November to February. Strictly speaking, exactly from 11.11 to Shrove Tuesday, after which you have to be patient for almost ten months until it's time again. At least if you want the really good doughnuts - those that are lovingly handmade and will never see a supermarket from the inside. Like those from Wolfgang Ebner, the owner of the pastry shop Strudelpeter in the Lohbachsiedlung on the outskirts of the city.

The pastry shop Strudelpeter

Wolfgang, widely known as Peter and thus the namesake of Strudelpeters, and his partner Christine welcome us warmly on a Friday morning. The small store, where various strudels (apple, curd, curd poppy!), foam rolls, pies and cakes are available to take away, is still closed. From Thursday to Sunday, it opens its doors from noon to 5 p.m. to customers with a sweet tooth. The two have been running the store together since 2012, Peter is master of the bakery and Christine in sales. Peter is a trained master confectioner and worked for many years at renowned confectioners (Walter, Valier, ...) before opening his own business. "Sweets" are completely his - except for his birthday, when he always wishes for an eggnog gugelhupf. His fiancée Christine is responsible for that.

Seasonally, there are various specialties here in the pastry shop. In autumn there are the Kirchtagskrapfenwhich are filled with poppy seeds, candy, powidl, honey and a hint of gingerbread spice. At Christmas time the cookies take over the seasonal message: Vanillekipferl and Linzeraugen are perennial favorites, just as Eisenbahner made of marzipan and currant jam with chocolate. Now, at the end of January, however, it is clearly the doughnuts that set the seasonal tone. About 100 pieces per week go over the counter, on Shrove Tuesday it is four times the amount. Pre-ordering is a good idea for larger quantities!

Backstage in the bakery

In the basement is the bakery, where Rosa, the apprentice girl, is peeling and cutting apples. For our visit, Peter has prepared a new dough and shows us step by step how his doughnuts are made. What does it take to make a really good doughnut? Time. Don't rush it, dough that can rise long enough pays off.

Kneading doughnuts & Shapen

Let's start by mixing the ingredients: Flour, yeast, salt, sugar, milk powder and water. Later, in the dough kneading machine, the yolks are added, and after 20 minutes the dough is ready for the next step. It is rolled a little flat and put on a round mold, which goes into a grinding machine. Here the small round balls are preformed.

Each ball is sanded again by hand. Why? Because otherwise it simply won't be perfect and will rise irregularly, possibly tearing. The round balls are placed on a tray and pressed again and sprayed with water. Now they are ready for a two-hour dough rest in the warm, where they double in size.

The final step is to fry the risen balls in hot fat. Three minutes on each side at 170 degrees gives perfectly browned doughnuts with a beautiful center stripe. Now the only thing missing is the filling (apricot jam) and the powdered sugar, the icing on the cake for the sale.

Strudelpeters Doughnut recipe

For about 30 pieces


  • 1,25 kg flour
  • 70 g fresh yeast
  • 500 ml water + 50 g milk powder (alternative: milk)
  • 50 g yolk
  • 110 g granulated sugar
  • 20 g salt
  • Fat for frying

The dry ingredients are mixed first, then in the kneading machine the liquid ones are added. knead for 20 minutes, then form and grind about 30 balls, leaving a small hole at the bottom. Two hours of dough rest in the warm (sprinkle with water) and then bake out at 170 degrees in hot fat. Fill with apricot and serve with powdered sugar.

If that's too tedious, just get the sweet sins directly from the professionals.

Tip on the side: My blogger colleague Nadja has published here on the blog her own recipe for a smaller amount of doughnuts!


Confectionery Strudelpeter
Josef-Stapf-Strasse 15, 6020 Innsbruck
Tel: +43 512 280596
Opening hours: Thurs.-Sun., 12-17 h

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