17 November 2022
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The most beautiful time of the year? Quite clearly: vacation! Whether it's spring, summer, fall or winter, there's nothing better than spending a few relaxing days. It's always been that way and probably always will be. Only the priorities change. If party and action were important when you were young, later you tend to look for something else. At least that's how it is in my case. At the latest, if you travel with children, you have special demands. Believe me, I speak from experience. It is not so easy to find a hotel that suits all family members. That's why I'm all the more pleased to be able to introduce you to two wonderful hotels that guarantee a successful family vacation.

The Mieminger Plateau - always worth a visit

I love the sunny Mieminger Plateau with its larch meadows, embedded in the traditional agricultural environment, at the foot of the Mieminger chain. No matter what time of year, the plateau is always worth a visit, just like the two hotels I will introduce to you.

Bullerbü in Tyrolean

"Bullerbü in Tyrolean", when we read this, we immediately have an image in our minds: laughing children, who romp across green meadows with glowing cheeks and shining eyes and fall into bed in the evening dog-tired but overjoyed. This is certainly one of the reasons why René Föger - innkeeper and host at the Stern - chose this phrase as the motto for his hotel. In the Hotel Der Stern children are allowed to be children. They can let off steam completely undisturbed away from mass tourism, stress and noise. "Less is more," René explains to me as I sit comfortably with him over a cappuccino under century-old chestnut trees in the guest garden and he tells me a bit about his hotel. "We offer families the perfect environment so that everyone can feel at home."

"Mia schaug'n on all"

An approach that I like very much. If a hotel only caters to the needs of the little ones, the grown-ups often don't really get their money's worth. "Style and design are important to us. I don't want to drink out of plastic cups just because I'm in a children's hotel," says René. I have to agree with him on that. In a family, different wishes and ideas come together. It's certainly not that easy to reconcile all these needs. But from what I've seen, Hotel Der Stern succeeds very well. There is a great Children's programtogether with nature educators, we build dams in the stream, bake bread in the garden and play in the tepee. In the Eco indoor swimming pool grandpa Toni always needs help with feeding and mucking out the animals. You want to go for a bike ride? You can rent everything you need at the hotel.

The Sternsch(n)uppen

And now comes the absolute highlight: the Sternsch(n)uppen adventure playhouse. Imagine an indoor playground (like Joy in Völs, for example), only much more rustic and in a real barn. A real children's paradise with a rope park including a large climbing wall, a challenging course, high nets for jumping and chilling and a rope slide. The Stadel building is naturally tempered. This means that you have to dress warmly in winter, but you don't have to sweat in a stuffy, overheated room. Oh yes, and hayriding, stargazing, reading and cuddling can also be done here, of course.


So, I haven't promised too much: Children will get their money's worth here! But not only them. The Hotel Der Stern manages the balancing act between a children's hotel and a feel-good oasis for adults, whether it's relaxing on the roof terrace or in the panorama sauna or taking a trip into nature. At Stern everything is possible! The pleasure comes thereby in no case too briefly. Cooking is done according to the principle "with Butz and Stingl" - loosely translated: Everything is recycled. Sustainability is a major theme at Hotel Der Stern. Particular emphasis is placed on regionality, seasonality and biodiversity. If you're looking for orange juice or avocados at the breakfast buffet, you won't find them. Including coffee, there are only five drinks that have to be imported; all the others come from Austria. The fact that sustainability is advertised is nothing new. However, greenwashing is not uncommon. At Hotel Der Stern, however, I have the feeling that you get what is promised. The green thread runs through all areas of the hotel, and René really stands behind what he does.

If you don't want to be a tourist but a visitor, if you want to spend time with your children and experience nature, Hotel Der Stern is the right place for you.

Wellness oasis Alpenresort Schwarz

The Alpine resort black i had known for a long time, at least from walking by and visiting the restaurant next door Greenvieh. From the outside, the Alpenresort Schwarz always made a very noble and good impression on me. Somehow I was firmly convinced that it is mainly interesting for golfers and wellness lovers. However, I was a little off the mark. Of course, the Alpenresort Schwarz is absolutely perfect for those seeking peace and quiet, who want to relax and have a wellnessen. The 5.500 square meter wellness area leaves no desires open. Whether in the alpine-modern sauna village, in one of the nine (indoor and outdoor) pools, in the spa or during yoga - here everyone finds relaxation. Immediately in front of the front door there is a 27-hole golf courseand as a result, golfers don't miss out either. So my impression was not entirely wrong - but not entirely right either. Because I did not have a target group on the screen the families. After all, that's what this article is about.

Action for the whole family

Alpenresort Schwarz offers so much for big and small guests. In the family water world, you can really step on the gas with your kids: for example, on the 92-meter tire slide or in the water games landscape, where a water wall, spray cannons, a water tower, giant water buckets, action wheels and a ground geyser await you. And after so much action you can relax in the family sauna or in the family whirlpool. If you are more in the mood for outdoor action, I recommend a visit to the petting zoo or at the Adventure playground.

Relaxation for mom and dad, fun for the kids

But let's face it, as much fun as you have with your kids and as much as you love having them around, every now and then you do appreciate a little quiet time. At least I am. As mentioned earlier, Alpenresort Schwarz offers a 5,500-square-foot spa area, and it needs to be used. Imagine the following: reading a good book undisturbed in the Zirben lounge, a soothing massage, a sauna session or a little yoga. But you can only enjoy all this in a really relaxed way if you know that your offspring are well looked after in the meantime. And yay - that is definitely the case at Alpenresort Schwarz. While the little ones are pampered all around in the competent hands of the Kids Coaches, the parents enjoy some space for themselves. The Kids & Youth Club (for children from the age of three) is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00. But also the very little ones (from one to three years) are taken care of Monday to Friday in the Krabbelstube. If parents want to enjoy a quiet dinner, that's no problem either - thanks to the babysitters, who will be happy to take care of your little treasures (on request).

Fun all day long

My family and I stayed in a children's hotel for the first time this year. We were totally thrilled and found it super. There was really a lot on offer for children and we were satisfied. But now that I have a comparison, it doesn't seem so great to me. Because the new kids' club with game area at Alpenresort Schwarz leaves nothing to be desired. It really is a whole other level! The Game Area is open daily from 8:00 to 23:00 for young and old. From climbing and bouldering to action and fun with multiball on the digital sports wall to the creative studio, there is so much to discover here. Boredom is guaranteed not to arise! Theoretically, the children can spend the whole day there. Lunch is served as part of the half board with the team from the kids' club.

The perfect family vacation!

The Alpenresort Schwarz offers an absolute all-round service. Everything is really thought of: whether strollers (yes, even twin strollers), baby cribs, bottle warmers, baby monitors, etc., you do not have to bring anything from home, but can borrow everything at the hotel. During meals they make sure that families have their own area. This is absolutely brilliant in my opinion. Because nothing stresses me out more than when I have the feeling that I constantly have to make sure that my children are quiet so as not to disturb anyone. Surrounded by "like-minded people", eating is much more relaxed. In addition, there is the parent-kids room, which can be visited by families with children at any time. Absolutely practical if you have little early risers. One parent can stay in bed while the other goes into the playroom with their offspring. A little tip: To keep the house in order, take turns.

If you are looking for the absolute feel-good vacation for young and old, if you love wellness, sports and nature, then Alpenresort Schwarz is the right address - the perfect family vacation is guaranteed.

I hope you like the two hotels as much as I do. I am sure that I have found two absolute top hotels for you, and I would be happy if I could inspire one or the other to a vacation on the Mieminger Plateau. If you prefer to spend your vacation in a designated family hotel, you should take a look at the Lärchenhof in Obsteig. And if you're more drawn to the city, Fiona has some good tips for you - she introduces you to five design hotels right in the city.


Der Stern
Address: Unterstrass 253, 6416 Obsteig, Austria
E-mail: info@hotelstern.at
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Alpenresort Schwarz
Address: Obermieming 141, 6414 Mieming, Austria
E-mail: hotel@schwarz.at
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