14 May 2021
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"Great happiness lies in the little things." There is so much truth in this admittedly somewhat corny saying. Anyone who has children knows how well they can occupy themselves with very small, in our eyes banal things: A stick becomes a sword, a box becomes a pirate ship, and a simple pebble becomes treasure. I'm also a big fan of cinemas, swimming pools, adventure parks and the like. But sometimes a trip to a beautiful place in nature or a great playground is enough. Below, I'll introduce you to three wonderful nature playgrounds.


What has a magical attraction for children? That's right: water. If there is a fountain or something similar on a playground, it is definitely the highlight around which all the children gather. The "Naturspielplatz Wasserfall Silz" does not have a fountain. But it does have an entire waterfall.

You can imagine how excited my boys were about it. Armed with their shovels and rakes, the two of them trudged through the creek bed in rubber boots and built dams. Almost needless to say, they broke each other's dams and it ended in some medium drama. My boys, like probably many kids this age, are influenced by the books and the series "Fireman Sam". Like their idol, they are constantly on the job. Someone always has to be saved. And the Silz waterfall is a wonderful place to start "missions". That means: Mom climbs on a rock, gets into big trouble, calls the emergency services and has to be rescued. Believe me, this game can be played for a very long time and very often.

Children have a boundless imagination, which they can live out wonderfully in places like the "Naturspielplatz Wasserfall Silz". There is no playground equipment except for a slide. But there are sun loungers, tables and benches, so perfect for a picnic or a relaxing afternoon in the summer.


Let's stay on the subject of water. Currently my absolute favorite place: the "Natural Playground Waterfall Stams". The bay - an oasis with fine sand and pebbles - has something almost Caribbean. It can't keep up with Caribbean temperatures, but it certainly looks good! Already the way there is an experience. Not far, but all the more spectacular for it: over a Suspension bridge you get from one bank of the Inn to the other and then you're almost at your destination.

You can't get lost, it's best to just follow the smell of grilled sausages. Many people like to barbecue here. If you don't start at the crack of dawn, there's a good chance you won't be alone, especially on weekends. But that doesn't matter, quite the opposite. Once when we were there spontaneously and unprepared and of course had nothing to eat, they immediately shared with us. In this case, the saying "the more, the merrier!" is true In addition, the bay is spacious and offers enough space for everyone.

If you think of wooden playground equipment when you hear the term "natural playground", you are mistaken. There is nothing of the kind here. However, you can play quite excellently in spite of this, or precisely because of it. Equipped with shovels and rakes, you can build dams, experience wild adventures in the adjacent forest, and a stone bacon Olympics is held at the Inn. In addition, you can start great hikes from here. Take a look at Danijel's blog post.


It was one of those gray, rainy Sundays and the weather forecast did not promise any improvement. Therefore, husband and children did not feel like a trip to the Sellraintal. But I was sure the weather would get better, so we went anyway. "Happy wife, happy life" is the saying. Guess who wasn't right? I was. The weather remained modest. Nevertheless, the afternoon was wonderful! Thanks to muddy pants and rubber boots, no one got wet. We had the playground almost all to ourselves, we could play Indians to our hearts' content. The best thing: The trampoline, normally the highlight of the playground and constantly besieged, we had to ourselves. It was great fun for the grown-ups, too, to jump around like kids and film us doing it.


Of course, we paid another visit to the Murmel adventure playground when the weather was nice. This was of course a lot more relaxed and cozy. Right next to the playground is the Pizzeria Marmota. There we got some pizza and had a picnic in the sun. Sure, that had something, too, of course. Nevertheless, I found the rainy outing at least as nice.

By the way, the Sellrain is a wonderful place for hiking. So if you don't want to go that far "just" because of a playground, you can simply combine it with a hike, for example to the Gleirschalm.

If you haven't had enough of playgrounds yet, here is a post with recommendations around Innsbruck. Finally, it's getting to be summer and we can spend even more time outdoors. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm sure that not only the temperatures will rise, but also our mood. I hope I could inspire you with these three destinations and that you like them as much as we do.


Nature playground Silz:
Playground: Nature playground waterfall Silz, 6424 Silz
How to get there: The best way to get to Silz from Innsbruck is by train. From the train station to the waterfall it is a 30 minute walk.
Parking: it is not possible to park directly at the waterfall. It is best to park your car in the village and then walk to the playground.

"Naturspielplatz Wasserfall Stams"
Playground: Naturspielplatz Wasserfall Stams, 6422 Stams
How to get there: from Innsbruck it is best to take the train to Stams. From the train station you walk a good 10 to 15 minutes to the waterfall.
Parking: All those traveling by car can park at the Stams Hängebrücke parking lot, which is subject to a fee. Address: Weingartnersiedlung 1-15 , 6422 Stams

Murmel Adventure Playground
Playground: Marmota Gries Nr. 32 , 6182 Gries im Sellrain
How to get there: bus line 4166 takes you from Innsbruck main station to Gries im Sellrain.
Parking: Right next to the playground and the pizzeria you can park for free.

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