Where can I buy stamps? How do I charge my mobile phone? Where can I find public toilets? You can find the answers to all these questions and many other practical tips for your Innsbruck holiday here. 

Visiting Austria

Austria is a small nation of charming people who get on very well with their neighbours. Whether Italy, Switzerland or Germany, we like them all. However, Austria is also very different to its neighbours. Don't confuse us with the Germans, for example. We have a shared language and a friendly relationship but we are not the same. If you do get us mixed up, the Austrians will either give you a dark look or laugh out loud. Once you get to know us a little, you will notice the differences. 

Greet people correctly

The Tyroleans are also a little different from the rest of Austria. If you go further east, you will find people tend to use the polite German "Sie" when greeting others whereas in Tyrol, most people use the more informal "du". However, this is not always the case. When greeting people, especially in the city, you can skirt around the issue with a simple "Hallo" or "Grüß Gott". When it comes to hiking and other mountain sports, there is never any need for formality. You should then greet people you meet along the way, even if you don't know them, with a friendly "Griaß di" for one person or "Griaß enk" for several. 

Don't drop rubbish!

Speaking of mountains: nature is very important to us Tyroleans. After all, it's all around us, it's our favourite place of retreat and also our greatest asset. That's why we don't leave any rubbish behind – not in the mountains and not in the city streets. There are of course a few black sheep but we are generally very disciplined in this regard. In the city: please put your rubbish in the nearest bin! In the mountains: take your rubbish with you and dispose of it properly as soon as you get back to civilisation. This applies to all rubbish, from cigarette butts and sandwich paper to plastic bottles. It isn't much work for you but it makes a huge difference to our environment. More information on the correct disposal of cigarette butts, snack paper, plastic bottles etc. can be found here.


Waste separation is important! Find here all collection points for metal (blue), glass (red), light packaging (yellow), paper (gray) and old clothes (green) in the city.

Blankets even in summer

We Austrians are used to a varied climate. Cold in winter, hot in summer. But there is one thing we love in every season: our duvets. While half of Europe sleeps under light sheets during the summer months, we continue to snuggle up in our feather beds. Maybe a lighter version, but we have to have a duvet. If you would prefer to have a sheet, please let your landlord know. If in doubt, we make our guests' beds just as cosy as ours.

Electricity, plugs and adapters

Cameras, tablets and mobile phones: these things are often indispensable during a holiday. We've put together these tips to make sure you don't run out of juice. Like the rest of Austria, the Innsbruck region has type F plug sockets. They have two holes for the plug, the mains voltage is 230 volts. Type F and type C plugs fit these sockets. If your devices have different requirements, you will need a travel adapter. We recommend you get one before travelling. If you want to buy one in Innsbruck, however, you can find travel adapters in electronics stores. Nonetheless, the safest way to ensure you find the right adapter is to purchase one before you travel.

Do you only want to charge your phone? If so, you can simply buy a battery charger for Austria from a mobile phone shop or electronics store. You may even be able to borrow one from the reception desk of the place you are staying. If you are looking for a prepaid card in order to use your device at Austrian rates, you should visit the mobile phone shops of the various providers.

My kingdom for a toilet

The clock is ticking, it's getting urgent. Where is the nearest toilet? Hunting for a toilet can stress even the most relaxed holidaymaker. That is why we've put together this information about how to quickly find the nearest toilet. A general tip for anyone in Innsbruck: public toilets can be found at the City Tower in the heart of the pedestrian zone. You can find an overview of public toilet facilities here.

Sending postcards

Instagram, WhatsApp and Co. are great but the classic postcard is still very popular. Everyone loves getting holiday post. Would you like to write to your loved ones at home? If so, don't forget to pay enough postage to cover delivery. You can get stamps from Trafik tobacconists and from the post offices run by the Österreichische Post. Stamps are sometimes also available at souvenir shops but you cannot count on it. The advantage of post offices: you can post your mail directly and it is dispatched immediately. The advantage of the Austrian tobacconists and magazine shops: they can be found on almost every corner. 

Austrian customs regulations

Would you like to bring goods into Austria? Or have you done some shopping for home? If so, you should check the customs regulations for Austria. You can find out what you do and do not have to declare by following this link.

Travelling with animals

Is your pet coming on holiday with you? If so, please note the applicable regulations in Austria. Common pets such as dogs and cats need a pet passport. Some other animal species are subject to additional rules. Please check this website to see what you need to be aware of when entering Austria with animals. 

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