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29 March 2023
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Today it's going to be romantic, because it's all about getting married. From the second a couple decides to get married, the preparations already start. Where do we want to get married, who do we invite, where do I buy my dress, what about the bachelor party. I know from my own experience how stressful that can be. Fortunately, the region around Innsbruck offers the perfect conditions for all of this, so nothing stands in the way of an unforgettable wedding.

From little girl dream to dream wedding

Like many girls, I dreamed of my wedding as a child. On my big day, I wanted to feel like a princess and celebrate with all my friends and family in a big circle. In the end, everything turned out differently. We got married in 2020. Maybe some have already blocked it out, but this year was not the best for big celebrations. There was no lavish party, but a celebration in the smallest circle. But I can tell you, it could not have been more beautiful. Our wedding was just right for us and I am thankful that we were able to have a wonderful day despite all the obstacles that were put in our way during the preparations. I can recommend our location and our photographer to every couple as well as the bridal store where I bought my dress - but more about that later.

There is no such thing as too early

The best way to start your wedding preparations is to look for a suitable location. I've read that you shouldn't be stuck on one date, because of course you're not flexible and you limit yourself. But we didn't care, we wanted to get married on our 10th anniversary - come what may. So when we started looking for the perfect place for our big day in October at the beginning of January, we already got a lot of rejections. "Sorry, we are already fully booked," we heard not only once. So what did I learn from this: better be too early than too late. Thank goodness we found the perfect location after a long search and endless back and forth, but more on that later. In this post we start with the search for the perfect wedding dress, continue with the bachelor party and the best - the big day - comes at the end.

Say yes to the dress

I bought my wedding dress, like my sister before me, in Dagmar Melmer's store Bridal Fashions Tyrol bought. I can therefore say from my own experience that you are top advised here. There is a suitable dress for every bride and every taste. I have always felt in good hands. The consultants take a lot of time for each bride and are available with advice and support. At the same time, I never had the feeling that I was being imposed on. I can't stand it when I have the feeling that my wishes and ideas are not taken seriously and I'm being talked into something. So a little tip on the side: if you have a bad feeling, no matter where - in the bridal fashion store, at the hairdresser or wherever - look for something else. It's your day and you don't have to please anyone but yourself!

Last night of freedom

Celebrations before the wedding existed already in ancient Greece. At that time, the bride's parents were given the opportunity to evaluate the dignity of the future groom. In Germany, the breaking of china on the eve of the wedding is a tradition - hence the name Polterabend. Nowadays, people celebrate the so-called bachelor party or bachelorette party a few weeks before the wedding. It is usually a wet and merry and often a little obscene. The bride/groom is dressed up in funny costumes, has to perform some kind of tasks, solve riddles or walk through the city selling "nonsense". Innsbruck as a student city offers enough possibilities to celebrate exuberantly. A tip for this would be for example the bar Fox & Hare or the notorious Bogenmeile. There, one pub is lined up after the other. Just the right place for a pub crawl.

The somewhat different bachelorette party

For all those who prefer to take it a little easier, I have a suggestion: How about a movie night? But an ordinary visit to the cinema would be too boring and not worthy of a bride/groom. At Metropol you can rent the exclusive couch room. Sip a glass of prosecco while watching a cool movie and start your bridal shower in a relaxed way.

You want to try something completely different, you want to be artistic and spend time with your best friends. At Pennello you have the opportunity to do just that. Together you can paint ceramics. For example, you can create a personalized breakfast set for the bride and groom. This is a nice gift for the wedding and a nice memory of a wonderful evening with friends. From 10 people you can rent your own party room at Pennello. So that you don't go hungry and thirsty while painting, snacks will be organized on your request. For more information click here.

The big day

When two people swear eternal love to each other, it should be celebrated properly. The location is crucial. As already announced, I would like to introduce you to a few wonderful places for your wedding. In my opinion, they are all so idyllic that you don't have to go anywhere else for the wedding shoot. But because Innsbruck offers so many places for gorgeous pictures and it's really hard to choose, I've summarized a few photo hotspots for you at the end.

Our alpine wedding

I start with our wedding location: the Stöttlalm - for me there is no better place for a wedding. This is of course due to my personal experience and my wonderful memories. But viewed objectively, the Stöttlalm is really ideal for getting married. From the civil or free wedding ceremony directly on the mountain lake, to the photo shoot to the celebration itself, everything can take place here in one place. More romantically it hardly goes: at the lake, surrounded by a breath-robbing mountain scenery and with view over the Mieminger plateau one swears eternal love. At least that would have been our plan. Unfortunately, the weather put a spoke in our wheel. Instead of under the open sky as planned, we got married quite unspectacularly in the Mieminger registry office.

But no matter, as the Italians say so beautifully: "sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata", which means as much as "baked bride, happy bride". Thanks to the weatherproof and heated winter garden at the Stöttlalm, nothing stood in the way of a beautiful celebration - despite the rain. Our wedding was perfect, even though we had originally planned it quite differently. This was also largely due to Stöttlalm host Raphael. He was super flexible, helped us with the preparations with lots of great ideas and was a perfect host through and through. The Stöttlalm offers space for up to 100 people and is the ideal place to get married for all those who like hut flair, like it rustic and love nature.

Getting married in the Greenvieh

For those who prefer something more noble and elegant, I can recommend the Greenvieh - also on the Mieminger Plateau. The Greenvieh Chalet is designed for events with up to 140 people. Those planning a smaller wedding can celebrate in the "Greenside" room on the first floor. The cuisine at the Greenvieh is excellent, as is the service. More information and everything you need to know about getting married can be found here.

Relaxed celebration at the Moosalm

For my next location tip we stay at the Mieminger Plateau. Similar to the Stöttlalm also the Moosalm by its rustic and down-to-earth ambience. The large sun terrace with beautiful garden and children's playground, the cozy indoor area and the beautiful surroundings make the Moosalm the perfect place for a relaxed wedding. Regarding menu planning, seating arrangements and for all other questions, the leaseholder Mrs. Jele is very happy to help. If you want to feel like in a fairy tale, don't go by car but of course by carriage: at the Moosalm this is no problem - you can find more information here.

Innsbruck's highest wedding location

At 1,905 meters above sea level, above the rooftops of the city is Innsbruck's highest wedding location. The breathtaking panorama and the fascinating ambience on the mountain guarantee a spectacular celebration and wonderful wedding pictures! The restaurant Seegrube by DoN offers space for up to 150 guests all year round. Culinary delights and an atmospheric ambience are provided. More information and everything you need to know about getting married on the Nordkette can be found here.

What remains are the beautiful memories - and photos

At some point, even the most beautiful day is over. The dress hangs in the closet, the cake is eaten and the flowers withered, but what remains are the memories. So that you have them not only in your head, but also tangible and in front of your eyes, good wedding pictures are at least as important as everything else.

Danijel Jovanovic works as a blogger and photographer. He has already accompanied many bridal couples and captured their most beautiful day in pictures. So he is an absolute expert in this field. In his blog post "Getting married in Innsbruck? Say YES to these locations"you can find the right locations for your photo shoot.

A fairytale photo shoot

About 450 years ago, Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria fell in love with Philippine Welser from Augsburg. The two married for love, which was not a matter of course at the time.... Philippine was not befitting her rank and marriage to her was therefore a no-go, so it had to be kept secret from the public for a long time. In order to ensure that Philippine was provided for according to her status, Ferdinand signed over Ambras Castle with its extensive estates to his wife for life. At Ambras Castle, she was the "lady of the castle," and Ferdinand was a welcome guest. I think a castle with such a romantic history is the perfect place for an extraordinary wedding shooting. At your desired date you can shoot photos with your photographer in the premises of Ambras Castle Innsbruck - such as the Spanish Hall.

The Hofgarten, the Cathedral of St. Jacob, the Golden Roof or the famous colorful row of houses in Mariahilf are also wonderful motifs for your wedding pictures.

I would also like to introduce Dino "Bossnini" Mehadzic, our photographer. He is a member of the Addicted to Art team, whose style of photography is exactly to my taste. Maybe yours too - be sure to check out their homepage.

Everything else you need to know about weddings in and around Innsbruck can be found here.


Where do I buy my wedding dress:
Bridal fashion Tirol

Where doI celebrate my bachelorette party:
- Nightlife in Innsbruck at a glance: here
- Fuchs & Hase
- Metropol Innsbruck - der Couchsaal
- Pennello

The most beautiful locations for getting married:
- Stöttlalm
- Greenvieh
- Moosalm
- Nordkette

Wedding photographers:
- Danijel Jovanovic
- Addicted to Art Film & Photography / Dino Bossnini

Photos at Ambras Castle
Ambras Castle
Inquiries & booking: info@schlossambras-innsbruck.at, Tel: +43 1 525 24 - 4802

Where to spend the wedding night:
- Alpenresort Schwarz

Where tofind the best wedding cake:
- Haselwanter Gastronomie KG Cafe Maurer

Cover picture: Chalet Greenvieh © Brautmoden Tirol

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