21 August 2022
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Anyone taking a city trip would be well advised to go for a walk and marvel at length. Like the French thinker Guy Debord, for example, who once defined the unprejudiced walking through unknown areas even awkwardly as "dérive" and presumably simply liked to go for a walk. If you just forget everything and let yourself be guided by your temptation, you will experience even the well-known in a completely new and special way. So, in the spirit of the French flâneur, I recently embarked on a city tour of a somewhat different kind. The Culinary Craft Tours lead through the most beautiful refreshments of local craftsmanship.

A pen to write with

In this country, a small beer is also called Stifterl, which usually has little to do with writing, however, thankfully. The fact that you really need something to write about right after the start of the culinary city walk is due to the sheer immeasurable wealth of knowledge that bubbles up from our leading figure Victoria. Even before the first tap crows, we are already busily chewing on a handful of barley in the Krahvogel, letting the basic ingredients melt in our mouths. The Starkenberger HeimatBier is then adorned with a self-confident foam crown with a fine malty note - nice, drinkable, likeable. Victoria serves the brewery tour digitally on a tablet, leaving your hands free for enjoyment. The chef himself brings the spinach dumplings and only leaves when everyone really does find everything extraordinarily delicious.

A good feeling sip by sip

But because the tour is by no means limited to freshly tapped beverages, the tour is immediately followed by a so-called "Saftl," or water with sugar and additives. In our case, however, the rinse sip from AlpPine Spirits is exceptionally tasty in local mountain pine. Before continuing, the mountain pine in the liqueur is then appropriately called "Zapfenstreich" and gets a heart from everyone in the booklet accompanying the beer tour. In the fresh air Michael of the district paper announces cheerfully that tomorrow all are in the newspaper and vows us sharp censorship of alcohol-related conspicuousness. A quite appropriate preface, because in the beer world Tirol can be seduced then also Victoria to a "Kosterl" (test sip). Host Igor Pshenyshnyuk also has some really good arguments in store, for example, dark chocolate with a hint of salt goes well with Tux Mountain Porter. The important thing is that you go home with a good feeling today, our beer expert announces, and then even allows Igor to pour out a Spanish rarity, for better comparison, of course.

Singles tour meets beer date

Fortunately, we don't have far to go to the next station, the Markbar is just across the street. Here, the first local Naturradler bubbles up in the glass, produced in the brewing house of Zillertal Bier. This is accompanied by hearty Alpine blue cheese and a Nako "ski water" with a delicate hint of Swiss stone pine. While we dream our way through the forest and meadows, Victoria explains the production and background. We also learn that the Culinary Craft Tours are never the same, because the offer and varieties are also due to the season. In September, for example, there is also a Singles Tour on the culinary culture program, with sparkling beer dates for like-minded people.

Our tour finally ends at the Tribaun, only Michael got lost somewhere in the dérive on the way. In the cellar bar, more than a dozen taps are already standing at attention and in the back room they have set the table for us: House bread from the wood fire, garnished with a hearty Brettljause, the first Pale Ale is called Padawan. Famously fruity with a bitter bouquet, we agree. An equally refreshing Mountain Pale Ale later, Victoria pours the finale: Red Oil from Bierol, because that's what the brewmaster's grandfather called his Red Ale. The evening ends on a humorously hoppy note, and everyone is given a goodie bag full of memories as a farewell gift. The good feeling has long since spoken for itself: anyone who likes beer even a little bit will learn to really love it here. And Innsbruck, by the way. If you feel like it and are thirsty, you can join in here.

Restaurant-Bar Krahvogel / Anichstraße 12 / +43 512 580 149 /

Bierwelt Tirol / Marktgraben 2 / +43 677 611 581 71 /

Marktbar am Inn / Innrain 2 / +43 512 319 594 /

Tribaun / Museumstraße 5 / reservations: /

Culinary Craft Tours / /

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