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03 October 2019
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The eye eats with you! A saying that we all know and in which there is a lot of truth. It refers primarily to the appearance of the food, but I would like to extend it to the surroundings. A plate of spaghetti tastes best to me with a view of the sea. And my favorite meal – breakfast – tastes best above the rooftops of Innsbruck. Not on the roof terrace, but in the mountains. What could be better than a breakfast croissant? A breakfast croissant on the mountain pasture!


The eye eats with you!

The Umbrüggler Alm

For ages I wanted to go to the Umbrüggler Alm, friends and acquaintances warmly recommended it to us: “You finally have to go up there”, “Everything is brand new and really classy there!” Of course my curiosity was aroused, but who doesn’t know that? You make up your mind to do something, but somehow something always gets in the way. But in the end I did make it, and for breakfast. The Umbrüggler Alm keeps its promise. It is definitely the Porsche among the huts. The interior is more reminiscent of a modern restaurant than a classic alp. A nice change! Its proximity to Innsbruck makes it the perfect destination for anyone who just wants to take a short, not too strenuous hike.

Forststraße zur Umbrüggler Alm

The forest road is wide and can also be used with pushchairs, but beware: it is strenuous!

The best thing to do is to park at Hungerburg and follow the well-signposted path to the hut. The forest road is suitable for prams, but beware: pushing is really exhausting uphill. My sister, who regularly rides her mountain bike up to the Umbrüggler Alm and helped me push, said, “I’ve never sweated like that on this trail.” So at least we earned our breakfast.

Umbrüggler Alm

Through the large panoramic windows you have everything in view!

Not only the noble ambience, the modern design, the beautiful terrace and the large panoramic windows are worth mentioning. The cuisine is also really something. Nobody has to leave the Umbrüggler Alm hungry. If you want to have a real brunch, you should make a reservation in time. The “normal” breakfast was enough for us. In addition to fried eggs with bacon, plenty of bread and butter, we treated ourselves as a sweet conclusion to a Zopf with jam. The prices are moderate, not cheap, but affordable.

Frühstück auf der Umbrüggler Alm

After the effort, the scrambled eggs with bacon and a sandwich is just right.

Frühstückszopf auf der Umbrüggler Alm

In the past we only had Zopf at home on Sundays. On the Umbrüggler Alm I also treat myself to it on a Thursday.

The Umbrüggler Alm is also a suitable destination for families. The ascent is relatively short (about 40 minutes) and easily manageable even for small mountaineers. There is also a small but nice playground.

Breakfast at the Patscherkofel

After sweating so much on the way to the Umbrüggler Alm, we took it easy and lazily took the gondola to the top station of the Patscherkofel: to the restaurant “Das Kofel“. For my sons, the ride itself is a little highlight. Hovering above the forest, there is so much to discover and look at. And once you’ve reached the top, you have a wonderful view over Innsbruck and the Inn Valley.


Even the ride to “Das Kofel” is an experience.

A view that is priceless. Quite the opposite for breakfast. We treated ourselves to a gourmet breakfast, which is quite affordable at just under € 25.00 per person. The name says it all, you feast like a gourmet here.

I am a big fan of eggs for breakfast. At home, however, I am usually too lazy and/or too stressed in the morning to prepare some. At “Das Kofel” you are spoilt for choice: whether it’s a fried, scrambled or hard-boiled egg, with herbs or bacon, everything is freshly prepared here. If you want to have breakfast here, you should be really hungry! It’s best to skip dinner the day before. Because: In addition to the eggs, there is everything your breakfast heart desires: coffee, tea, cocoa, fresh bread and pastries, various types of sausage and cheese, smoked salmon, honey, jam, Nutella, fresh fruit salad, yogurt and muesli, orange juice and a glass of Prosecco.

Eier, Speck und Croissant im Restaurant "Das Kofel"

It doesn’t get any better than this: eggs, bacon and croissants at Das Kofel.

The gourmet breakfast should definitely be pre-ordered and reserved at least three days in advance. For those who are not quite as hungry, there is a slightly slimmed-down version in the form of a sweet or savoury breakfast. More information is available here.

Summit tour as a digestive walk

We really savoured breakfast – in the truest sense of the word – and spent almost the whole morning at “Das Kofel”. Thanks to the playground, our boys didn’t get bored either. We had them well in view and could enjoy our cappuccino in peace. At some point, however, our wanderlust and guilty conscience got the better of us. After such a sumptuous meal, one would like to move. A small summit tour offers itself!

Das Kofel

The Kofel and its breathtaking location

The hike from the restaurant to the transmission tower at the summit of the Patscherkofel is perfect for families. The path is wide and well suited for smaller children. It took us about an hour and a half to hike up. But we are probably not a benchmark for the average hiker. Without children you are clearly faster. The view from the top is great, from here many other hikes are possible.

Ausblick vom Patscherkofel

This view is priceless.

Enjoy on the Nordkette

“To enjoy and linger”: with this slogan the restaurant Seegrube advertises on its homepage. I find it really fitting. Because I could stay on the Nordkette all day. As a native Tyrolean, I grew up in the mountains, and although I see them every day, I am always overwhelmed by their beauty. So I can only imagine how imposing this wonderful backdrop must be when you see it for the first time.

wunderbarer Ausblick auf Innsbruck

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy spending more time here.

If you want to get some exercise before breakfast and really earn it, swing on your mountain bike or hike up the Nordkette on foot. But let’s face it, it also tastes good if you – like us – take the train. Innsbruck lives up to its name as an Alpine metropolis. Where else can you get from the city center to high alpine terrain in no time. You get on the Hungerburgbahn at the Congress, then change to the Nordkettenbahn and you’re already at the top. And enjoy the breathtaking view for breakfast.

Restaurant Seegrube


Spielplatz auf der Nordkette

Even the little guests have fun.

In the Seegrube restaurant, breakfast lovers can help themselves to a buffet: Smoked salmon, sausage, cheese, jam, pastries, eggs, orange juice, a glass of Prosecco, tea, coffee or cocoa is available for the price of €40, – including train ride. Without train ticket or with leisure ticket Tirol it costs only €20,90.

Frühstück im Restaurant Seegrube

with this view a glass of O-juice tastes even better

Mountain breakfast around Innsbruck

Innsbruck offers so many great options, here everyone can find the perfect breakfast for them. Tips for fancy locations can be found here and families should take a look here. In my opinion, the most amazing scenery is not in, but above the city. So go ahead, put on your hiking boots and head up the mountain!


Umbrüggler Alm:
Umbrückleralmweg 36 , 6020 Innsbruck
+43 664 / 32 44 543
Opening hours:
Wednesday to Monday 9:00 a.m. – 9:30 p.m
Tuesday day off (On holidays that fall on a Tuesday, the Umbrüggler Alm is open)
During the winter months:
Day off Monday and Tuesday
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The Kofel:
Römerstraße 81 – Patscherkofel mountain station
6080 Igls
+43 5702 / 10 500
Opening hours
daily – during the opening hours of the Patscherkofel cable car
9:00 – 16:00 h – Thursdays 9:00 – 22:00 h

Restaurant Seegrube
Seegrube mountain station , 6020 Innsbruck
+43 664 88 44 78 17
Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m

Cover picture: © Innsbruck Tourism / W9 Studios
If not stated otherwise pictures © Elisabeth Siegl

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