08 August 2023
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To sunset over Innsbruck

Several mountain railroads in the Innsbruck area offer the possibility to use them until late in the evening in summer. This gives you the opportunity to experience a sunset and then comfortably return to the valley with the gondola. The evening rides are offered by Glungezerbahn, Nordkettenbahn, Axamer Lizum and Patscherkofelbahn in different frequencies, you can find the exact dates via the respective homepage of the mountain railroad.

In this blog post I would like to talk in particular about the possibilities offered by the Patscherkofelbahn.

For families: the summit at Patscherkofel

Every Thursday, the Innsbruck Patscherkofelbahn offers evening rides from 6 to 11 pm. This also allows beginners or families with children to experience a dreamlike sunset without it getting too late. The tour starts from the top station of the Patscherkofel cable car in the direction of Innsbruck's local mountain. Here you can hike along a comfortable forest road towards the summit, there is also the possibility to get to the summit a bit off the beaten track via a hiking trail. The total walking time is a comfortable half hour. Once at the Kofel, you will be rewarded with an unforgettable sunset over Innsbruck. Afterwards, the cozy Schutzhaus as well as the Kofel restaurant invite you to enjoy a warming cup of tea or a culinary feast.

Peak Viggarspitze (2306 hm): for advanced hikers

From the mountain station, head east to the legendary Zirbenweg, which invites you to an unforgettable hike, past the Grünbichlhütte in the direction of Boscheben. The alpine inn Boscheben (2035 m) is located only a few meters off the Zirbenweg. You hike further and further along the signposting in the direction of the east. After about one and a half hours of walking you will reach the summit of the Viggarspitze. There you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Inn Valley with Innsbruck and can enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

Summit Neunerspitze (2285 hm): for hiking professionals

The Neunerspitze is another beautiful peak, which can also be reached from the Patscherkofelbahn. Here you follow the beautiful Zirbenweg in the direction of Glungezer. After about an hour, the path forks: in the direction of Neunerspitze or Viggarspitze. From here you follow the path further in the direction of Neunerspitze. There is also the possibility to get to the Neunerspitze via the Viggarspitze, the walking time is about 45 minutes. Once on the Neunerspitze, you are rewarded with a magnificent mountain panorama over Innsbruck and can enjoy an unforgettable sunset. Afterwards, it's a leisurely walk on the Zirbenweg back towards the Patscherkofel mountain station. It is important to keep an eye on the time of the last descent.

All images: © Markus Mair

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