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This is mountain biking in Innsbruck. First, you pedal hard uphill. The summery stop on two wheels then takes place in one of the numerous mountain huts, which are usually located on the route or are the intended tour destination. Enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains, before you swing back into the saddle.

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Fließerwald - Neue Magdeburger Hütte - (542/543)

10.6 KM 10.6 KM
1300 M 1.300 M
hard hard
A challenging tour from Zirl to the Neue Magdeburger mountain hut and a good starting point for the climb up Solstein. The climb starts at the underpass at the northern end of town and follows the road towards Hochzirl. Shortly after the third sharp bend, the route turns right onto a curvy track that leads steadily uphill through the Fließerwald forest. After about four kilometres, the route takes another right onto mountain bike route no. 543, which leads to the Neue Magdeburger mountain hut where you can enjoy fantastic views of the Tux and Stubai Alps! By taking mountain bike route 543, it is possible to connect to a route that leads back to Zirl via the other side of the Brunn Valley.

Mutters 3-hut circuit

21 KM 21 KM
1000 M 1.000 M
medium medium
This wonderful circular tour connects the Mutterer Alm, the Raitiser Alm (not open to the public) and the Kreither Alm mountain huts. From the Kreither Alm, the route leads down into the valley towards Stockerhof. Just before you reach the Stockerhof, the route turns right and continues past the Telfer Wiesen meadows, Kreith and Raitis to Mutters. Although technically easy and on wide forestry roads, the steady incline towards the Mutterer Alm hut requires plenty of stamina. The serviced mountain huts serve excellent cuisine and regional delicacies with wonderful views of the Wipp and Stubai valleys and Patscherkofel mountain. Our tips: The tour is more family-friendly if you take the Muttereralmbahn gondola up the mountain to avoid the initial ascent. If you do the tour in the other direction, you can take the single track down from the Mutterer Alm mountain hut to Mutters – assuming you have a suitable level of biking ability.

Seegrube - Arzler Alm trail (no. 506 + 5007)

21 KM 21 KM
1300 M 1.300 M
medium medium
The classic local tour for Innsbruck's bikers - challenging, and with an optional single trail descent on the Arzler Alm Trail. The tour leads from Innsbruck up along route 506, initially at a moderate incline followed by a steep climb up to the edge of the forest at the end. From there, the route continues past the Bodensteinalm mountain hut, where bikers can stop in for a break and a bite to eat, and then leads steeply uphill to the Seegrube mountain lift station with its wonderful views of the Zillertal and Stubai Alps. The descent initially follows the same route but then takes a left turn at the Rastboden junction onto the Lackenweg trail towards the Arzler Alm mountain hut. Roughly 300 m east of the Arzler Alm, at the crossing with the forestry road, you come to the start of the Arzler Alm Trail, the downhill highlight of this tour (difficulty level S2, for advanced bikers). The first section to the avalanche barrier is playful and flowy, featuring berms and jumps (including "chicken runs" for beginners). The second section leads from the avalanche barrier down into the city. Long banked curves, tight turns, blind crests, jumps, waves, narrow gullies and rocky areas provide plenty of flowing fun. After covering almost 400 vertical metres and a distance of three kilometres, the trail joins the new Hungerburg - Mühlau mountain bike route. Beginners can avoid the trail by following the forest road or take one of the numerous linking tracks along the way. To the Bike City Card brochure

Aldranser Alm mountain hut - MTB route (554)

6.3 KM 6.3 KM
705 M 705 M
medium medium
An intermediate-level mountain bike tour to the Aldranser Alm mountain hut. The route starts at Fagslung roundabout, crosses the Speckbacherweg path, passes Frauenmartl and climbs continuously up through the forest, weaving its way to the Aldranser Alm mountain hut. From there, the route follows the Almenweg 1600 trail slightly uphill to the Sistranser Alm mountain hut. Athletic bikers can start the tour in Innsbruck, for example by riding via Lanser See lake to Aldrans. The Aldranser Alm is open from 1 May to 26 October.  

Alplhaus (5003)

7.5 KM 7.5 KM
570 M 570 M
hard hard
The Alplhaus mountain bike route starts at the hikers' car park in Wildermieming and initially leads slightly uphill to the north. After about three kilometres, the MTB route becomes a little steeper (approx. 12%) and continues at this gradient more or less consistently until it reaches the Strassberghaus mountain hut. From there, the road worsens and gets increasingly steeper (up to 25%).

Archbrandhütte (583)

10.2 KM 10.2 KM
1283 M 1.283 M
medium medium
A challenging mountain tour with picturesque views of the Inn Valley and the Karwendel mountains. The route is paved from Hatting to the Hattingerberg district. Near the former Bergfrieden guesthouse, you'll see a sign to the "Inzinger Alm". The steadily-climbing forest road takes you to the Archbrandhütte mountain hut (not open to the public). The Inzinger Alm, which serves food and is open to the public, is located approximately 50 metres below the Archbrandhütte and is reachable via the signposted bypath. Bike & hike: the Rauhe Kopf (2,030 m) can be reached on foot from the Archbrandhütte.

Arzkasten-Aschland-Holzleiten (607)

11.5 KM 11.5 KM
356 M 356 M
medium medium
Warning: closed! From the car park in Grünberg, the route leads right over a small bridge and then follows the road until it comes to forest trail on the left, signposted towards "Weisland/Holzleiten". Follow this forest trail, cross the main road no. 189 and turn onto the wide forestry road towards Arzkasten. After the Arzkasten guesthouse, keep left towards Weisland/Holzleiten, continue past a small chapel and then turn right onto the paved road that leads through the stream valley towards Aschland. From there, the route is steep and curvy towards Nassereith. Shortly before reaching Nasserreith, turn left at the junction, go over a wooden bridge, join the old main road (the Roman "Via Decia") and follow it as it zigzags uphill to Holzleiten. From there, turn left and follow the route back via Weisland and Arzkasten to the car park in Grünberg. Our tip: this route is particularly scenic and impressive in autumn when the larch woods burst into colour.  

Arzler Alm - MTB route (505)

3 KM 3 KM
278 M 278 M
easy easy
An easy mountain bike trail for beginners to the Arzler Alm mountain hut, and a popular enduro tour with a single track option. Start at the Nordkettenbahn car park and follow the MTB signs to Arzler Alm, first along the tarmaced road, then gravel. The route is moderately steep with short, steeper sections until it reaches the Arzler Alm single trail. From there, the final few metres lead gently downhill to the hut. Our tip: shortly before reaching the Arzler Alm, you can turn left for the single track. Experienced bikers and many locals use this as a challenging enduro tour. Difficulty level on the single track scale: S2. Alternative route: After 1.5 km, turn off towards the Arzler Schießstand (Arzl shooting range). Shortly before the Arzler Alm mountain hut, join the route towards the Rumer Alm mountain hut. After a further 1.5 km, you'll come to a route that leads off towards Höttinger Bild and Achselwaldweg. Just before the Höttinger Alm mountain hut is the turn-off to the Bodensteinalm mountain hut.

Arztaler Alm mountain hut - MTB route (5021)

7.9 KM 7.9 KM
821 M 821 M
hard hard
A scenic tour with two potential starting points for anyone who loves quiet tributary valleys. The tour to the Arztaler Alm mountain hut starts in the sleepy village of Ellbögen and leads south of Patscherkofel, Innsbruck's local mountain, to the quiet and picturesque Arz Valley. 1st starting point: the car park at the recycling centre in Ellbögen. Follow the paved road uphill towards Oberellbögen until you reach the 2nd starting point: Hinterlarcher car park. From there, take the gravel road and follow it gently uphill. As you pass the last of the buildings and a small chapel, the route will start to get a little steeper. Continue on the forest road and around six hairpin bends until you reach the gate. This is the start of the private access road to the Arztaler Alm mountain hut. Most of the route leads through the forest but it regularly comes to clearings where you can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. When you reach your destination - the Arztaler Alm mountain hut - at an altitude of 1,900 metres above sea level, you can stop for a break and a bite to eat. During the summer months, you should expect to meet cattle along the route.  Route length from the first starting point: 8 kilometres, from the second starting point: 4.3 kilometres.

MTB Hoadlhaus (5009)

8.5 KM 8.5 KM
1353 M 1.353 M
medium medium
This moderately difficult mountain bike route (no. 5005) follows a well-developed forest road that leads constantly uphill from the Axamer Bach dam (983 m) to Axamer Lizum car park (1550 m).
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