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Narrow and mostly natural trails with jumps and root passages, from very easy to difficult, for beginners and bike experts - the Innsbruck region offers varied single trails for every taste and for all skill levels.

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The Chainless One

600 M 600 M
7.6 KM 7.6 KM
Downhill fun for the whole family. In 2020, the trail leads from the mountain station to the valley station of the Muttereralmbahn and is also suitable for beginners. With wide curves and small, easy jumps, the Flowtrail offers opportunities for every rider. Also new is a jumpline that can also be bypassed. Difficulty level: S1

The Straight One

250 M 250 M
1.4 KM 1.4 KM
Fast, straight and no-holds-barred – for experienced downhillers. The new Crankworx downhill trail starts just above the middle lift station of the Muttereralmbahn gondola and leads down through the woods on a natural trail with steep root sections and challenging jumps to the bottom lift station. Difficulty: S3

The Arzler Alm Trail (5007)

480 M 480 M
3.8 KM 3.8 KM
The Arzler Alm trail is a moderately difficult singletrail with lots of jumps and small variations, some of which are very demanding. It starts about 300 metres east of the Arzler Alm where the forest trail branches off towards the Mühlauer Quelle spring. The first section as far as the avalanche dam offers constant changes of gradient, steep bends and a few jumps. After rain you need to be careful because it can get quite slippery due to the loamy subsoil. The second section runs from the avalanche dam straight down into the city. The terrain here is even more varied with long, steep bends, tight hairpins, blind summits, small gorges and rocky sections. After a ride of 3.7 kilometres with an elevation loss of almost 480 metres, the trail ends in the Mühlau district of Innsbruck. Access to the trail is via the Hungerburgbahn (check the timetable!) and then an ascent of approx. 20 minutes on the mountain bike route 506, or from the city via the branched route network in the direction of the Arzler Alm.

The Hungerburg Trail (596)

100 M 100 M
0.55 KM 0.55 KM
This moderately difficult route starts on the Hungerburg forest trail around 400 metres east of the Hungerburg or the Innsbrucker Nordkettenbahn valley station. If you’re feeling daring, you can take on some constructed obstacles (doubles) or go for the safe option and ride round them. After riding for a good half a kilometre with 100 metres of elevation loss, the trail joins the Arzler Alm trail (5007) which has the same level of difficulty and similar trail characteristics in its lower section. From there it’s still about 1.6 kilometres along the Arzler Alm trail to Innsbruck's Mühlau district. The easy way to access the trail is on the Hungerburgbahn (check the timetable!) or under your own steam on mountain bike route 5005.

City Forest Trail

127 M 127 M
2.07 KM 2.07 KM
The beginner-friendly City Forest Trail (Stadtwaldtrail) starts on Wilhelm Greil Weg road at an altitude of around 790 metres above sea level by the viaduct for the Hungerburgbahn funicular. From there, it joins the Arzler Alm Trail. For even more trail fun, there is a small meeting point where you can choose between the Arzler Alm Trail and the City Forest Trail. The City Forest Trail then runs parallel to the Arzler Alm Trail until it reaches the "Waldweg Hungerburg" forest road. Here again, you have a choice between the Arzler Alm Trail and the City Forest Trail. The last section of the City Forest Trail starts by following the forest road uphill. It offers beginners the chance to get to grips with the sport while giving experienced riders numerous opportunities to try out various jumps and obstacles – all of which can be bypassed or simply rolled over if desired.

The First One

350 M 350 M
2.4 KM 2.4 KM
Varied and natural. This single trail leads from the mountain station over the ski run and through the forest to the middle station of the Muttereralmbahn. Bypassable jumps and small steps make the trail particularly interesting for advanced riders, but also for experienced touring bikers who want to get in shape for tough trails here. Difficulty level: S2

The Rough One

420 M 420 M
2 KM 2 KM
The Rough One singletrack is a natural downhill trail packed with roots, jumps and technical sections. The track follows a winding and sporty route down from the middle station of the Nockspitzbahn lift, through the forest and over the ski pistes to Götzens. The route is a real treat for downhillers and enduro riders who like a challenge. Difficulty S2

The Wild One

500 M 500 M
2.5 KM 2.5 KM
Fast, playful, winding. The Wild One leads from the mountain station to the middle station of the Nockspitzbahn. The extension into the valley is the natural The Rough One. The Wild One starts quickly and playfully and is particularly curvy. With one of the numerous easy jumps, every biker gets the airtime feeling.  Difficulty: S2
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