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For all those who are looking for deceleration in nature and are good at skiing, a ski tour is just the thing. On this page we present some tour suggestions. As with all alpine activities, the same applies here: The athlete:s must check the conditions and risks themselves before each tour, carry adequate avalanche equipment and follow the information provided by theTyrol Avalanche Warning Service . Innsbruck Tourismus assumes no responsibility for snow conditions, avalanche danger and external influences.

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Rangger Köpfl 1,939 m

1096 M 1.096 M
easy easy
Start at the lift car park in Oberperfuss (fees apply). Tour up to the left of the piste until you reach the Egghof and then continue on the edge of the piste for a short distance to Stiglreith. When you get to the toboggan run above Stiglreith, you can turn left off the piste and follow a very picturesque route through the forest and past the reservoir to just below the Rosskogelhütte mountain hut. This route crosses the toboggan run several times until the last short section when it runs along the edge of the toboggan run. At the last bend before the Rosskogelhütte mountain hut, take the track that leads towards the Krimpenbachalm, past the mountain huts and up the south-facing slope to the summit cross. Alternatively, you can tour up the edge of the piste from Rosskogelhütte to the summit cross. Wonderful panoramic views. For ambitious ski tourers, it is possible to continue the tour up the nearby Windegg. (It is then very important to be aware of the avalanche danger). This ski tour is well-suited to beginners. The first section from the bottom lift station to Stiglreith can be done on the gondola.

On Sömen

1192 M 1.192 M
medium medium
A ski tour across Aflinger Alm, with a variety of wonderful routes.

Axamer Lizum - Ladies' Run - Hoadl

780 M 780 M
easy easy
A simple piste tour at Axamer Lizum ski resort along the Olympic ladies' run (piste no. 1) to Hoadlhaus. Head south-west from the car park, along the piste to the reservoir. Pass the reservoir, and follow the scarp upwards. Then follow the left arm of the piste in diagonal fashion to the upper and wider section of the piste. Continue upwards across the rocky terrain, pass the Dohlennest hut and keep going up along the steep path to Hoadlsattel. Head north from here to get to Hoadlhaus.

Axamer Lizum to Sunnalm

495 M 495 M
easy easy
A simple on-piste ski tour in the Axamer Lizum resort along the men's downhill to the Sunnalm alpine hut (Piste No. 4). Thsi tour begins at the resort's car park and heads west. The climb goes along piste no. 4 to the hut.

Axams – Axamer Kögele

1170 M 1.170 M
medium medium
The route from Axams to Axamer Kögele is a popular and challenging on-piste ski tour. The tour starts at the southern end of Axams. Shortly before the turnoff for Axamer Lizum ski resort, you will come to a few paid  parking spaces on Kögelestraße road near the Sonnenlift Axams drag lift. From there, the tour starts over wide meadows before coming to the start of the actual ski route. From this point, the tour leads steadily uphill on the Axamer Abfahrt ski route between two wooded areas. At the beginning, there are two very steep sections (often icy in late winter/spring) to overcome and then the terrain flattens out a bit in the middle section. From the upper treeline, the route leads up two more steep slopes before reaching the destination, the Axamer Kögele.  Descent: on the off-piste Axamer Abfahrt ski route that leads down into the valley WARNING! Please note the avalanche danger levels! For tours in off-piste terrain, it is essential to have appropriate equipment, local knowledge and experience of assessing hazards such as avalanche danger, etc. The tourist office assumes no liability for tour suggestions.  

Birgitzer Alm - Birgitzköpflhaus Axamer Lizum

620 M 620 M
easy easy
A popular and simple ski tour with great food at Birgitzer Alm and Birgitzköpflhaus alpine huts in Axamer Lizum. A perfect tour for beginners. Starting point is the car park at Birgitzer Alm/Adelshof. At the bend behind the Adelshof hut (at the start of the toboggan run), follow the path through the snow on the right-hand side (signposted9). The route becomes wider after crossing the toboggan run, and after a short, steep section, you'll reach a path through the forest. The subsequent path is easy to climb to Birgitzer Alm, and Birgitzköpfl is at the end of the tree-free slopes. To get to Birgitzköpflhaus, keep left befopre the peak and follow the ski path along the saddle. You'll reach Birgitzköpflhaus roughly 20 minutes after conquering the steep terrain from Birgitzköpfl. To go back down, follow the same route before hitting the final third of the toboggan run.


415 M 415 M
medium medium
An ideal tour for children and beginners, with short climbs.

Finstertaler Schartenkogel

887 M 887 M
medium medium
A rewarding tour destination with a beautiful descent. Start at the DreiSeenBahn cable-car car park, and head via the Finstertal Reservoir, the Schlafleger and Finstertal Gorge to the summit.
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