30 April 2023
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We all know: It's easier to find a unicorn than the perfect gift for mom. Every mom has her own preferences and desires, so the best recommendations here are always a bit of a "chicken and egg" - very rare, in fact. Instead of throwing away the bouquet of flowers after three days or leaving out the handmade Swiss chocolate for the summer figure, we would rather recommend a special experience today. After all, shared memories last forever, and the best child in the world naturally creates the most beautiful ones: Remember Mother's Day 2023? Unmatched to this day.

Personalized toaster

Anyone who doesn't ask an artificial intelligence (AI) their fundamental existential questions today simply has only themselves to blame. After all, computers know everything, and the Internet doesn't forget anything. Thus, helpful AI chatbots make use of the collective knowledge of the human swarm in no time at all. Recently, I simply wanted to know what I could give my mother for this year's Mother's Day on May 14. The chatbot promptly typed me its detailed answer, here only in brief: Personalized toaster. In other words, one that burns little greetings onto crusty white breakfast bread. So that every morning, to the loud applause of the smoke detector, you ask yourself why you didn't just use contraception back then.

All joking aside, the digital thinking machine does have one good point: people have given it some thought. Not the best, but still. So please, the Mother's Day gift should be personal, long-lasting and also somewhat nostalgic. And immediately a flash of inspiration does the honors.

Innsbruck Card: Time travel for two

Mom never came along on the class trip to Innsbruck. Nevertheless, I have the best memories of those days: Backpack instead of schoolbag, the lovingly packed snack, even with a few Gutzelen (sweets) that were otherwise only rarely available. The heavy water bottle with grandma's elderberry juice and another small bill extra pocket money for the big city - me only on the platform, shortly before departure, winked at. So why not take a little trip back in time for Mother's Day and relive the trip to Innsbruck together?

Visiting all the places that made me so speechless as a little boy - first looking up from the old town and only a short time later (with a stop on demand at the Alpenzoo) standing in amazement at the Nordkette standing. Then visit the Grassmayr bell foundry and my birthplace in Wilten, drink a glass in the Bierstindl and finally take the Waldbahn to Lanser See for a stroll along the water.

For this the Innsbruck Card (IC) by the way equal a comfortable complete package - inclusive 22 entrances into museums and objects of interest, up and departure with selected mountain railroads as well as Sightseer bus and Öffi traffic. If you're still considering the toaster, the IC savings calculator will convince you: superlatives at a special price.

A weekend wish concert

If you want to go one better, just treat yourself and your mom to a little more. The Innsbruck Card is available in three different versions: With 24, 48 or 72 hours one can enjoy up to three detailed days in the alpine city. Who does not want to give itself the common class journey then nevertheless equal a whole weekend, gives away the experience simply to both parents. Thus mummy and daddy have the time out for itself, and you gave something, which one does not forget so fast surely. After all, shared memories are forever - and otherwise there's always the toaster. With this in mind: Happy Mother's Day in Innsbruck!

All images: © Innsbruck Tourismus / Kathrin Baumann

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