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The five houses of the Tyrolean Provincial Museums

One city, five houses and a lot of art, culture and history - that's what the Tyrolean Regional Museums in Innsbruck offer. At a total of five locations - the Ferdinandeum, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum, the Imperial Court Church, the Armory and the TIROL PANORAMA with the Kaiserjägermuseum - amateur historians and those interested in culture will find a wide variety of exhibits, exhibitions and collections on a wide range of topics. The spectrum ranges from modern paintings by local artists to original farmhouses and handicrafts from Tyrol to larger-than-life bronze statues and a giant circular painting covering 1,000 square meters. A visit to the Tyrolean provincial museums is therefore always worthwhile - not only as a bad weather program.


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On a total of five floors, the Ferdinandeum guides visitors through 30,000 years of Tyrolean history. In addition to various collections ranging from archaeology to history to music, there are also works of modern art to be seen in the parent building of the Tyrolean provincial museums.

Tyrolean Folk Art Museum

The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum provides historical, ethnological and cultural insights into the life and everyday life of the Tyrolean people. On display are, among other things, nativity scenes, chests and traditional costumes as well as original farmhouse parlors.

Court Church

The Imperial Court Church is one of the most important monuments in Tyrol. The centerpiece is the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I, which is guarded by 28 larger-than-life bronze statues. In addition, the Hofkirche is also home to the Ebert organ, which is over 450 years old, and the Silver Chapel.


Formerly the armory of Emperor Maximilian, the armory today houses not only historical weapons and cannons, but also a variety of exhibits on Tyrolean cultural history, such as silver mining and salt extraction.

Tirol Panorama with Kaiserjägermuseum

Located at the historic Bergisel, the TIROL PANORAMA with Kaiserjägermuseum is home to Tyrol's largest work of art: the giant circular painting created in 1896, which sets the scene for the Tyrolean fight for freedom on 1,000 square meters.

Cultural diversity in the region

That Innsbruck offers the perfect breeding ground for growing art scenes and impressive cultural landscapes is demonstrated by both history and the present. An inexhaustible offer of museums, galleries and exciting art places in public space as well as literature, music, theater, film and dance enriches the region.

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