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On Sunday, the sky will be mostly grey; only rare clear spells will bring the sky a bit of colour! The chances of getting a bit of sunshine are however as small as the chances of getting some precipitation: We may see light snowfall at times.


All in all, the next days will be average. There will be variable amounts of clouds, but only a few scattered showers and sunshine at times.

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Safety in the Mountains

Your Safety is Important to Us

The mountains are an awe-inspiring backdrop of monumental impressions. Occasionally, because their dangers should never be underestimated. Those who dress correctly and take care in the alpine heights will enjoy a wonderful experience. Safety, however, comes first. We've put together some tips for you. 

Plan Your Tour Thoroughly 

Don't just simply prepare your tour at home, but also be prepared for short-notice changes upon arrival. Especially regarding weather changes or poor predictions.  

Prepare for Changeable Weather 

Mountain weather is temperamental, a fact to remember before hiking. Rain and cold-weather protection belong to your equipment, and a map is a must in case you accidentally leave the trail.  

Good Shoes Are a Must 

Make sure you are wearing the correct footwear before hiking in the mountains. Sandals, flip-flops, high heels and smooth soles are not recommended! Wear strong walking shoes or boots with tough soles, and breathable, loose clothing is also highly recommended.  

Listen to the Locals 

Listen to what the locals have to say. If, for example, your host tells you that it's not possible to continue on your chosen route, then listen to him or her. The landlords at the alpine huts are the real local experts, spending most of their time in the mountains and happy to impart their local knowledge of the area.  

Listen to Your Body 

Make sure you drink enough water and take plenty of breaks along the way. Tiredness and thirstiness can affect your sure-footedness, orientation and concentration. Conserve your energy for the way back.  

Avoid Excessive Alcohol when Resting 

Beer, schnapps and other delights at the alpine huts are especially tempting after a challenging hike. But beware, too much alcohol will affect your safety on the way back! Please drink moderately to avoid affecting your balance, concentration and sure-footedness.  

Our Recommendations for your Hiking Equipment

  • A comfortable, large-enough rucksack to suit the length and type of hike
  • Warm clothing (follow the multi-layer principle); pullovers, rain jackets, and hats and gloves for tours above 2,000m in altitude.
  • Sunglasses, sun hats/bandanas and sun cream
  • An up-to-date hiking map
  • Carbohydrate-rich food 
  • Plenty of water, especially in summer
  • A pocket knife
  • Hiking poles 
  • A first-aid kit with a simple rescue blanket
  • A fully-charged mobile phone 
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