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Grassmayr Glockenmuseum Glockengießerei GmbH

Leopoldstrasse 53 , 6020 Innsbruck

+43 512 / 59 41 622



Opening times
Monday to Friday (year round): 10 am – 4 pm
Saturday (from May to October): 10 am – 4 pm
1 November closed

Open year round. Closed on Sundays and bank holidays.
Guided tours are available outside of normal opening times with a booking.

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Grassmayr Bell Museum and Foundry

“Sweeter the Bells Never Sound”

The above quote from a famous German Christmas carol perfectly describes what the Grassmayr Bell Foundry has represented for over 400 years: highest quality bell production with truly special passion. The traditional Tyrolean family business has perfected its craft and continued to develop over 14 generations, since Mortimer Grassmayr cast his first bell in 1599.

The secret of their bell construction – the so-called ribbing – is carefully guarded and passed on from father to son. Today, Grassmayr bells ring out in almost 100 countries around the world where they fill cities and villages with their full, unmistakable sound.

Fascination. Culture. Legend: the Bell Museum
The Grassmayr Bell Museum gives visitors a chance to experience the fascinating casting process up close. Age-old methods are combined with the latest developments – it’s simply amazing how many aspects are involved in the sound of a bell.

Our tip: the mystical sound studio – where bell ringing is brought to life. Visible. Audible. Palpable. The Grassmayr Bell Museum is an experience for the whole family and stimulates all the senses. You can experience Grassmayr bells ringing live every day, for example at St. James’ Cathedral in Innsbruck or in a place of exceptional scenic beauty in Telfs/Mösern where one of the largest bells sounds every day at 5 pm (and can be heard from kilometres away) to signify good neighbourly relations in the alpine countries.

The bell casting process – and the winning combination of fascination, legend and centuries-old tradition – spark true enthusiasm in the Bell Museum and Grassmayr Bell Foundry.

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