Stretch your legs under the shade of old trees. Lean back on a park bench and gaze at the sky. Simply relax, snack and regain your strength. Experience this idyll during your city trip. It's easy in Innsbruck; a multitude of well-known and secret places are ready for you to spend your lunch break. Enjoy, and relish your time with us!

Lunch break in Innsbruck

  • Domplatz
  • Hofgarten
  • Innpromenade
  • Rapoldipark
  • Bergisel
  • Hungerburg
  • Waltherpark
  • Landhausplatz
  • Adolf Pichler Platz
  • pedestrian zone Maria-Theresien-Straße
Popular with the locals: Inn Promenade

Popular with the locals: Inn Promenade

The Inn and the city's inhabitants - a love affair. On the banks of the Inn, young and old come together; students and youngsters sit together in the sun, older ladies chat away on the benches, and the city's athletes train. Many even cycle alongside the green water. Pure relaxation

Popular with the locals: Rapoldi Park.

Popular with the locals: Rapoldi Park.

Rapoldi Park is another favourite spot to relax, hidden behind the Sillpark shopping centre at the end of Museumstraße. Here, ducks swim and quack in the pond, and trees offer plenty of shade. Innsbruck's second river, the Sill, flows noisily and effervescently by. Enticed by this noisy alpine setting, one can be forgiven for feeling a long, long way from the hustle of the city. 

Our tip: the Botanic Gardens.

Just a short walk separates Innsbruck University's Botanic Gardens from the city centre. Despite this, the gardens remain a secret oasis for those seeking a little peace and quiet, surrounded by carefully-tended plants. A scent and touch garden sharpens the senses, and lovers of exotic plants will adore the contents of the glasshouses.

Free internet on the move:

If you want to check your e-mails, Facebook, Twitter or your holiday plans, there are countless coffee houses, restaurants and internet cafés providing free internet access.

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