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 > Zeisele House: Kranewitter Distillery

Zeisele House: Kranewitter Distillery

Brennerei Zeisele
Familie Kranewitter
Untermarktstraße 22, 6410  Telfs
+43 5262 / 62 848
+43 676 / 31 05 049

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The Zeisele House building dates back to the 16th century. "Zeisele", which is Tyrolean for "siskin", is an old house name in the town of Telfs. A Baroque sandstone relief dating back to the period around 1700 can be found above the building's arched doorway and depicts the Mother of God with the Christ Child. The façade of the building also features two particularly attractive frescoes depicting saints.

Zeisele House is home to the Kranewitter Distillery, which has been an insider's tip for anyone who values top-quality fine liquors for many years. 

Another building that is just as dominant and at least as old as Zeisele House is the Zobi Haus, which is located on its left. Both buildings feature impressive wooden gable constructions and interiors boasting ancient beamed ceilings and other handcrafted treasures from times gone by.

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