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Chapel of St. Teresa

6091  Götzens

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Church of St Thérèse in Götzens
The first mention of a church dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul in the village of Götzens (the present-day Church of St Thérèse) dates back to the year 1350, when the walls of the nave were constructed. In the 16th century, the church was redesigned in Gothic style by Blasius Hölzl, the keeper of Vellenberg Castle, to be used as his burial place. The church’s frescoes and various coats of arms, including the "royal eagle" of Emperor Maximilian and the Austrian shield with a fess, date back to this period. At a later point in time, parts of the church were given a Baroque design, for example the cross above the entrance. After this, the church gradually fell into disrepair until it was taken over by the Franciscan "Tertiarschwestern" nuns (from Josefsheim Monastery), who renovated it and dedicated it to Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, hence its current name. The church has also been carefully renovated on two further occasions since being taken over by the nuns.
A rare depiction of the church as a so-called "Navicula Petri", a ship full of believers with a crucifix as a mast, is located behind the altar. The early Baroque altar, which is crowned with a figure of Saint Michael, features a successful copy of the Maria Hilf (Mary of Succor) painting in St. James' Cathedral in Innsbruck. On the western wall of the church, you can admire a statue of Saint Thérèse that was created in 1970 and is the only depiction of the saint after whom the church is named.    

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