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Do you opt for excitement over relaxation? In Innsbruck, a multitude of adventures await! Experience the region from a bird's eye view: with scenic flights, paragliding and hot air ballooning. Adrenaline junkies can bungee jump from the almost 200-metre-high Europabrücke bridge. Or do you love the water? Then our tips are: kayaking, canyoning and diving. We also recommend a ride down the Olympic ice track in Igls, either by the bob rafting, head first on a skeleton sled or in a wok.

Is your dream adventure a little less adrenaline fuelled? If so, why not play a game of skittles? People have been enjoying bowling fun at the local inns and folk festivals for centuries. Or take a Ziesel out for a ride and put your driving skills to the test on one of these open-fronted mini-excavators. There are, of course, also plenty of opportunities to enjoy the classic mini-golf. Or if you are looking for a bad weather activity, check out laser tag, escape rooms and billiards.

Special adventures in winter

Sleep in an igloo or speed head first down an Olympic ice track. You can experience all this here in Innsbruck. Read on to learn more about the exceptional adventures on offer in addition to skiing.


Head first down the ice track: skeleton requires courage. Great fun for speed freaks!

Wok Race

German TV host Stefan Raab first created the Wok Race. It is a race down the ice track but sitting in Asian cooking pots instead of on a luge or bobsleigh. Very funny for spectators and racers alike!

Ziesel in Kühtai

Ride around on vehicles resembling small excavators. The Ziesel are named after a cheeky, nimble rodent. You can head out on a Ziesel to explore the landscape around the high alpine ski resort of Kühtai at over 2,000 metres above sea level.

The Bob Rafting adventure

Riding down the Olympic ice track in Igls is the ultimate thrill for the whole family, guaranteed: Bob Rafting takes you speeding down a 1,270-metre-long track with four daring companions and no pilot in a state-of-the-art and safe way. Only in Innsbruck!

Llama hike

Stroll around the idyllic Mieming Plateau with adorable llamas. These friendly animals are ideal companions for a family hike. And don't worry, they don't normally spit. Llamas generally only do that among their own kind when asserting their place in the herd. 

Puzzles and races

Detective skills and teamwork are required if you want to uncover the secrets of the escape rooms. This activity is ideal for families and small groups. Or would you like to put your tactical skills to the test? If so, we recommend a round of laser tag. While motor fans should definitely check out the go-kart track.

GO Innsbruck

GO Innsbruck A treasure hunt through Innsbruck – with a sweet reward at the end. GO Innsbruck combines sightseeing with a fun scavenger hunt through the city. Find the various stations and get to know Innsbruck in a fun way. Also ideal with children. Give it a try!

Escape rooms

Solve exciting puzzles as a team: Innsbruck's escape rooms offer tricky challenges on a variety of different topics for amateur detectives to enjoy.

Laser games

Laser tag provides action-packed entertainment. Ideal as a bad weather activity on rainy days. Read more about the facilities available in Innsbruck here.


Car racing on a smaller scale: the go-kart tracks in the Innsbruck region offer fast driving fun.

Indoor skating

Enjoy indoor skating and BMX in Innsbruck's 2,000 m² skate centre: the perfect rainy day activity. The "Skatehalle" skate centre offers a balanced mix of street parkour and classic park elements such as bowls, mini ramps, a wall ride and more.

FLIP LAB trampoline park

2,000 square metres of jumping and bouncing. Flip Lab is the most modern trampoline, parkour and freestyle park in Tyrol. You can choose from fun, interactive, bungee, advanced and Olympic trampolines. Plus a wallwalk, airwalk, battle beam and much more. Fun in all weather conditions. 

Fun all round!

Skittles has a long tradition in Austria and has been providing entertainment at folk festivals and in taverns for centuries. It is very similar to bowling and, in Innsbruck, you can enjoy both versions of the game. There are also places to play pool, billiards or snooker. Or would you rather a round of mini-golf? We have put together all of the options for you on the following pages.


The indoor highlight from America has been around in Europe for many years now. Follow the link to see where you can go bowling in Innsbruck.

Nine-pin bowling

Skittles, also known as nine-pin bowling, has always been part of celebrations and church festivals in Austria. There are also several nine-pin bowling alleys that are open year round in the city and in nearby rural communities. Nine-pin bowling is similar to regular bowling except the ball is smaller and a different number of pins are used. Click on the link to see where you can play…


Billiards, pool and snooker – if you like cue sports, click on our link to find the various venues in Innsbruck.


A perfect excursion for the whole family. You can enjoy this classic holiday activity in the Innsbruck region. Click on the link to see where you can play mini golf in Innsbruck.

Casino Innsbruck

Experience an unforgettable night at Casino Innsbruck. Whether at a murder mystery dinner or sitting at the gaming tables – try your luck!

Take off

The chance to explore Innsbruck from the air is particularly appealing. Climb into a plane or a hot air balloon – or go paragliding and feel the wind in your face. The perspective is unique, the views too. On the next page, we'll provide more information about the options available in Innsbruck.

Balloon rides

From high up in the sky, you get the best views of the Innsbruck region. Enjoy the freedom of a hot air balloon ride.


Feel the wind in your face as you glide through the air. Paragliding gives you a bird's eye view of the world.

Scenic flights

You probably get the best views of Innsbruck on a scenic flight. A big bonus: you can see all the way from Innsbruck into the surrounding regions from up in a plane, giving you wide open views of the many mountain peaks and valleys all around. It is an amazing sight!

Special adventures in summer

Are you looking for special summer entertainment? Our tips: Visit the Olympic ice track in Igls where you can enjoy speeding down the track in a guest bobsleigh – in summer on wheels instead of runners. A hit for the whole family: the mountain carts at Muttereralm. You're sure to make it back down into the valley quicker on one of these little carts than you would on foot. Or if you’d rather a slightly bigger vehicle, why not take a Ziesel out for a long ride?

Guest bobsleigh rides in summer

An Olympic experience in summer. Race down the ice track in a guest bobsleigh. In summer, the runners are swapped for wheels but the ride is just as fast as in winter.

Mountain carts at Muttereralm

An alpine go-kart track: Muttereralm adventure mountain is a great destination for the whole family and home to the Muttereralm mountain carts in summer. The mountain cart track runs all the way down into the valley (it’s the toboggan run in winter) and you can speed down it on a mountain cart. Riders must be at least 10 years old and a minimum height of 1.50 metres.

Ziesel in Axams

The Ziesel is an innovative vehicle made in Tyrol. You can take one of these excavator-style transport devices for a ride at the Offroad Arena in Axams.

Disc golf on Rangger Köpfl

Have you ever played golf with a Frisbee? No? Then it’s high time you try this little-known sport. Are you wondering where it’s possible? We’ll show you!

Gourmet gondola on Patscherkofel

Would you like a special kind of breakfast? Take a seat at the richly laid table in the gourmet gondola and soar up towards the summit of Patscherkofel – the ultimate indulgence.

Dive in

Is water your element? Then dive into the many possibilities around Innsbruck. Pristine gorges and rivers are perfect for canyoning, for example. You can also experience white water in a kayak or on a rafting adventure. And did you know that you can surf on the River Inn? Even in the city!


A full body workout jumping and scrambling through gorges and steams – this is canyoning. For anyone who dares, there are lots of canyoning adventures to choose from in the Innsbruck region.


Helmet on, grab your paddle and off you go – down the rivers of the Alps. You can experience white water up close on a kayaking adventure in the area around Innsbruck.


Lots of fun in a big boat: if canyoning is a bit too daring for you and kayaking is a bit too lonely, why not try rafting? Several people sit in the same boat and navigate the currents and rapids together as they paddle down the river. Teamwork is vital and is rewarded with heaps of fun.

Surfing the Inn

Innsbruck is an unusual kind of surfing town. Instead of palm trees and metre-high surf, the green waters of the River Inn await – and you surf at the heart of the city!

Let go

If someone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? We say, it depends on the bride. If you're talking about the Europabrücke bridge, then definitely! At almost 200 metres from the ground, this is a bungee jump for adrenaline junkies. The Europabrücke bridge is part of the Brenner motorway, which runs from Innsbruck to Italy, and it is one of the most spectacular locations for bungee jumping in the world. This jump is not for the faint of heart – but an absolute must for daring adventurers!

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